Easy Morgan Wallen Songs on Guitar

Easy Morgan Wallen Songs on Guitar

Are you a big fan of country music and looking to learn some easy Morgan Wallen songs on guitar? Whether you’re a beginner or simply want to expand your repertoire, this post will give you all the tips and tricks you need to master these beloved tunes. From simpler chord progressions and one-chord strums to fancier solo fingerpicking licks, we’ll explore what makes Morgan’s songs so satisfyingly fun to play! So grab your favorite six string, practice, and get ready for an amazing musical journey into the wonderful world of Wallen tunes!

Easy Morgan Wallen Songs on Guitar

1 Broadway Girls

This song is one of the simplest songs to learn on guitar, with just four chords throughout. It’s also a great way for beginners to get used to transitioning between chords quickly.

2 Flower Shops

“Flower Shops” is a popular track by Morgan Wallen that can easily be played on guitar. The song has an upbeat tempo and memorable chorus, making it perfect for strumming out some chords. To get started, you need to know the basic chords of G, Cadd9, Am7 and Dsus2. Once you have those down, you can begin playing the intro which consists of strumming a G chord followed by a Cadd9 chord. As the song progresses into the verses, you will use both an Am7 and Dsus2 chord progression which is then repeated throughout the verse. In addition to these chords, you will also need to add in some accents with your picking hand in order to give the song its unique sound. [1]

2 Flower Shops

3 Goin Nowhere

Another great Morgan Wallen song to play on guitar is “Goin Nowhere”. This song showcases Wallen’s unique vocal style with its bluesy and soulful sound. To play it on guitar, you need to be familiar with the chords of G, Cadd9, Fmaj7 and Em7. Begin by strumming a G chord and then move into a Cadd9 chord progression for the verse. For the chorus, use an Fmaj7 followed by an Em7 chord progression which will give the song its distinct sound.

4 He Went To Jared

The song “He Went to Jared” is one of Morgan Wallen’s more popular songs, and luckily it’s also very easy to learn on guitar. The song is in the key of G major with a 4/4 time signature. To play this song you will need three chords – G, C, and D7. You can find tabs online or watch YouTube tutorials if needed. Once you have the chords down, start strumming along slowly as you sing the lyrics or hum the melody. For beginners, try starting with a simple up-down strum pattern for each chord at first and then build up from there as your skill level increases.

5 Heartless

Another easy Morgan Wallen song to learn on guitar is “Heartless”. This song is in the key of G major and has a 4/4 time signature. You will need three chords for this song – G, C, and D7. The strumming pattern for this song is mainly downstrokes with occasional upstrokes at certain points in the chorus. As you get more comfortable playing the chords, try adding more complex strum patterns. [2]

6 Redneck Love

Song”Redneck Love Song” by Morgan Wallen is a classic love song about the girl of his dreams. This catchy tune features a strong chorus and smooth guitar licks that will have you singing along in no time. The simple chords used to play this tune make it an easy one to learn on the guitar, even for beginners. Here are the chords: C G Em D The strumming pattern used throughout most of the song is a basic 8th note pattern with some 16ths thrown in for variation here and there. A good way to practice playing this song is to break down each chord change into separate measures.

7 Lifestyle

Easy Morgan Wallen’s “Lifestyle” is a feel-good country jam with an infectious hook and memorable lyrics. The rhythm guitar part in this song is fairly simple, but it will take some practice to get it just right. Here are the chords: G D Em C To make things easier, you can break down each chord change into four groups of two beats. You’ll want to use palm muting when playing the chords for a more dynamic sound. The strumming pattern for this song follows a basic 8th note pattern throughout most of the song.

7 Lifestyle

8 7 Summers

7 Summers is a song by American country music singer Morgan Wallen. It was released in June 2021 as the lead single from his second studio album, Dangerous: The Double Album. This song has become one of Wallen’s biggest hits and has been certified 2x Platinum by RIAA. The melody for this song is easy to play on guitar and consists mainly of basic chords and strumming patterns. Beginners will find it very accessible, but more experienced players can mix it up with some interesting variations. Use an open D chord shape (D-F♯-A) on the first two frets for the verse progression and an open G chord shape (G-B-D) on the first three frets for the chorus. Don’t forget to add some palm-muted strums and a few fills using hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides.

9 98 Braves

It is an upbeat tune by Morgan Wallen that’s perfect for playing on guitar. It uses easy chords and strumming patterns to create a fun sound. This song features some great country twang in its instrumental breaks, making it a great song to show off your country-picking skills. With its catchy chorus, 98 Braves will have you singing along before you know it. [3]

10 Afterglow

This is a lovely song by Morgan Wallen that’s perfect for playing on guitar. It features some simple chords and easy strumming patterns, making it ideal for beginners. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are heartfelt, creating a romantic atmosphere that’s sure to please any audience. Afterglow will have you feeling all the feels as soon as you start playing this tune.

11 Aint That Some

If you’re looking for an easy Morgan Wallen guitar song that’s catchy, look no further than “Ain’t That Some.” This upbeat tune is a great choice for any level of guitarist. With just four chords and a simple strumming pattern, it’s easy to learn and perfect for playing with friends or at a campfire. While the chords are fairly straightforward, they come together to create some great riffs that can keep your listeners tapping their feet along. Plus, if you have a vocalist in the group, this song is a great way to showcase their talent as well!

12 American Nights

This slow-paced song is another great choice for guitarists of all levels. With its simple chord progression, you can easily learn the intro and have some fun with riffs in the verses. The chorus chords are a bit more complex but still easy to get down with a bit of practice. This song also has some great lyrics that make it perfect for singing along to, so don’t forget to bring your vocalist with you when playing this one!

13 Balance

This song is an emotional and powerful ballad that can be played on guitar. The chords are simple, but the power of the song lies in its dynamic vocal performance. It’s a great choice for intermediate guitarists who want to learn how to add dynamics to their playing.

14 Bandaid On A Bullet Hole

This song is an upbeat, catchy tune that’s great for beginners. The chords are easy-to-play and the melody has a great hook. It’s one of Morgan Wallen’s most popular songs and it’s sure to bring some fun to your practice sessions. [4]

15 Dying Man

This song, written by Morgan Wallen and released on his album Sinner, is a beautiful tribute to the people we have lost in our lives. Its simple chord progression makes it easy for guitarists of all levels to learn and master. Start with a D-major strumming pattern then move onto the G-minor chord as you play “Dying Man”. The second half of the song features some nice runs that will challenge more experienced players but are still attainable for intermediates. [5]

15 Dying Man

Play it Easy with Morgan Wallen: Guitar Songs Comparison

Strum along effortlessly with these easy-to-play Morgan Wallen songs on the guitar. Delve into this detailed comparison table, offering insights into chord complexity, rhythm difficulty, strumming patterns, capo placement, and additional techniques. Find the perfect Morgan Wallen track to showcase your guitar-playing skills.

Song Chord Complexity Rhythm Difficulty Strumming Pattern Capo Placement Additional Techniques
Whiskey Glasses Low Easy Down-Strumming 2nd Fret Emphasis on Chord Transitions
Up Down Low Easy Up-Down Strumming 1st Fret Dynamic Strumming Variations
7 Summers Medium Moderate Fingerstyle Picking 3rd Fret Chord Arpeggios
Cover Me Up (Morgan Wallen Version) Medium-High Intermediate Strumming and Picking 4th Fret Fingerpicking in Verse
More Than My Hometown Medium Moderate Rooted Strumming 1st Fret Chord Hammer-ons


  • Whiskey Glasses: Low chord complexity, easy rhythm, and a focus on chord transitions with a capo on the 2nd fret.
  • Up Down: Simple chords, easy rhythm, dynamic strumming variations, and a capo on the 1st fret for a unique sound.
  • 7 Summers: Medium chord complexity, moderate rhythm, fingerstyle picking, and a capo on the 3rd fret for a melodic touch.
  • Cover Me Up (Morgan Wallen Version): Medium-high chord complexity, intermediate rhythm, strumming, and picking with a capo on the 4th fret.
  • More Than My Hometown: Medium chord complexity, moderate rhythm, rooted strumming, and chord hammer-ons with a capo on the 1st fret.

Choose a Morgan Wallen song from this table that suits your playing style and captivates your audience with the soulful tunes of this country sensation.


What is 1 easy song by Morgan Wallen to play on a guitar?

One easy song by Morgan Wallen to play on guitar is “Broadway Girls”. It is a catchy, upbeat song which features simple chords and easy-to-follow strumming patterns.

What is an intermediate/advanced Morgan Wallen guitar song?

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging to play, “Up Down” is a great choice. It features an intricate fingerpicking pattern that has some interesting harmonic elements. The song uses several basic chords in the key of C major, plus some open chords and single-note melodies. With some practice, you’ll be able to master this song and show off your skills! You can also check out his other songs like “Whiskey Glasses”, “Chasin’ You” and “If I Know Me”. Each of these tunes has its own unique challenge level and cute lyrics that will keep you engaged as you learn them.

What is the easiest song to sing with guitar?

Morgan Wallen’s “Chasin’ You” is an easy and fun song to sing with guitar. It has a very simple chord progression and the lyrics are easy to follow, making it a great song for beginning guitarists. The key of the song is G major, so you’ll need four chords: G major, D major, C major, and A minor. This arrangement makes it easy to strum along with the melody or even create your own accompaniment. Additionally, since many of Morgan Wallen’s songs feature his signature country-rock sound, this tune will provide you with plenty of practice in developing a unique rhythm guitar style.

What is the easiest kids song to play on guitar?

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver is a great song for kids to learn on the guitar. It’s simple and easy to follow with only three chords—G, C, and D—and it has an upbeat country-rock feel that kids will love. Morgan Wallen also offers some great options for beginner guitarists. His songs like “Whiskey Glasses,” “Chasin’ You,” and “If I Know Me” all feature simple chord progressions and catchy melodies that can be picked up quickly. These are perfect options for newbie guitarists looking to add some contemporary country music to their repertoire!

What is the hardest beginner guitar chord?

The Bm chord is often considered the hardest guitar chord for beginners to learn. It requires three fingers on the fretboard and can be difficult to keep in tune without practice. However, Morgan Wallen’s song “Up Down” features a Bm chord as part of its intro, so it can be a great way for beginner guitarists to challenge themselves and learn this tricky chord. Additionally, there are plenty of tutorials online that will walk you through how to play the Bm chord step by step.

Why use drop D?

Drop D tuning is a popular guitar tuning that allows for easy playing of power chords, open chords, and single notes. It’s especially useful when playing Morgan Wallen songs on the guitar because it makes it easier to play some of his more complex riffs and solos. Many of his songs feature intricate melodies and powerful choruses that require precise fingerpicking skills, which drop D can help make much simpler. Drop D also gives you a deeper sound if you are looking for a heavier feel in your music. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced guitarist, drop D tuning can be an invaluable tool when playing Morgan Wallen songs on the guitar.

Why use drop D?

Which guitar is hardest to play?

All guitars are difficult to a certain extent, but some can be more challenging than others. For instance, classical guitars with their wider fingerboard and nylon strings require more skill and technique to play correctly. Acoustic guitars with steel strings are often harder for beginners as the heavier gauge strings require a stronger grip and can be tough on the fingers. Electric guitars may seem easier due to their thinner strings and shorter scale length, but they can also be tricky because of the various effects pedals that need to be used. Ultimately, the guitar that is hardest to play depends on your level of experience and skill.

What are 3 easy guitar chords?

Three easy guitar chords to learn are the C major, G major, and D major. These three chords form the basis of many popular songs and are some of the first chords a beginner should learn. The C major chord is made up of the notes C, E, and G, while the G major consists of G, B, and D. Finally, the D major chord is composed of D, F♯, and A. Once these basic chords have been mastered, you can then begin to explore more complex progressions and melodies.

Can you recommend some easy Morgan Wallen songs for beginners to play on the guitar?

Absolutely! If you’re a beginner looking to play Morgan Wallen songs on the guitar, consider starting with “Whiskey Glasses,” “Up Down,” and “Chasin’ You.” These songs feature relatively simple chord progressions and strumming patterns, making them a great introduction to playing Morgan Wallen’s country hits on the guitar.

Which Morgan Wallen songs are known for their simplicity and are suitable for guitarists with basic skills?

For guitarists with basic skills, Morgan Wallen songs like “More Than My Hometown,” “7 Summers,” and “Sand in My Boots” are excellent choices. These songs maintain a balance between accessibility and the authentic country sound of Morgan Wallen, offering straightforward chord progressions and melodies for players who are still developing their guitar skills.

Can you suggest Morgan Wallen songs that are easy to play on an acoustic guitar for solo performances?

If you’re looking for Morgan Wallen songs suitable for solo acoustic performances, try “Cover Me Up,” “Silverado for Sale,” and “Somebody’s Problem.” These songs adapt well to acoustic arrangements and are perfect for showcasing Morgan Wallen’s soulful country style in a solo guitar setting.

What are some Morgan Wallen songs that incorporate easy yet memorable guitar riffs for players who enjoy a bit of flair?

If you enjoy incorporating memorable guitar riffs, Morgan Wallen’s “7 Summers” and “Chasin’ You” offer catchy and recognizable riffs that are still manageable for players who want to add a bit of flair to their performance. These songs provide a great opportunity to showcase Morgan Wallen’s modern country sound on the guitar.

Are there any Morgan Wallen songs that are suitable for beginners interested in practicing their fingerpicking technique on the guitar?

Absolutely! For beginners interested in practicing fingerpicking, Morgan Wallen’s “More Than My Hometown” is an excellent choice. The song’s melodic fingerpicking patterns enhance the overall sound and offer a great opportunity for players to develop their fingerstyle technique while enjoying Morgan Wallen’s country music.

Useful Video: Chasing You by Morgan Wallen | Easy Guitar Tutorial


Overall, Morgan Wallen’s songs are great for any guitarist looking to add some country-pop flavor to their repertoire. With catchy choruses and sing-along lyrics, Morgan Wallen’s music is sure to please any musician or fan of the genre. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitar player, there are plenty of easy Morgan Wallen songs on guitar for you to learn and enjoy. So grab your guitar and get ready to rock out with these fun and memorable tunes. Who knows — maybe one day you’ll be performing them onstage just like Morgan does!


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