Easy Ed Sheeran Songs on Guitar

Easy Ed Sheeran Songs on Guitar

Do you want to learn some of the latest Ed Sheeran songs on guitar? Are you looking for some easy, yet enjoyable chords that will instantly bring a smile to your face? Look no further! If you are looking to play some Ed Sheeran songs on guitar, this blog post is the perfect place for you! We have gathered an enchanting selection of easily-playable tunes from the artist that will surely make your practice sessions a breeze. From love ballads such as Perfect and Photograph, to joyful tunes like Lego House and Shape Of You – these classic hits are sure to keep your fingers strumming along happily all day long! Get ready to make beautiful music with Ed Sheeran’s lovely masterpieces!

Easy Ed Sheeran Songs on Guitar

1 Shape Of You

This song was released in 2017 and was Ed Sheeran’s highest charting single. It is one of the most popular songs to learn on the guitar, with its upbeat tempo and catchy chords. To play Shape Of You, you’ll need to know how to play basic chords like G major, D major, C major, and A minor.

2 Thinking Out Loud

This song was released in 2014, and has become an iconic romantic ballad. The song is fairly straightforward to play on the guitar, with chords like Em major, A major, Bm major, and D major played throughout. [1]

3 Perfect

Ed Sheeran wrote “Perfect” as a love song to his then-fiancée, Cherry Seaborn. It’s one of the most romantic songs he’s ever written and an easy favorite for learning on guitar. The melody is simple and repetitive in nature, making it easy to remember and play. If you’re a novice guitarist, the chords for this song are simple – G major, D/F sharp, Em7 and A major. This is an ideal way to hone your guitar skills!


4 Photograph

Another Ed Sheeran classic is “Photograph”. Not as romantic of a song, this one has more of an upbeat feel to it and lends itself well to learning on the guitar. The chords are all fairly basic – C, G/B, Am and Em – and the chorus can be played with just two fingers if you want to simplify it further. There’s a few riffs in there that make it sound extra special when you get them right, but overall this is another easy-to-learn number from Sheeran.

5 Give Me Love

“Give Me Love” is one of the more heartbreaking songs in Ed Sheeran’s repertoire, but also a great place to test your skills with guitar. The chords – G major, D/F sharp, Em7 and B minor – are all fairly simple if you know your basic shapes. The melody consists of some pretty intricate finger patterns that take a bit of practice to master, but they’re worth it for the beautiful progression and emotion they bring to this song.

6 Galway Girl

The upbeat folk style of “Galway Girl” makes it an ideal choice for learning guitar. The chords are most straightforward – G major, D/F sharp and Em7 – so you can focus on getting the melody down without too much trouble. This one has a few tricky licks throughout that give it that traditional Irish feel, but by breaking them down bit by bit they’re not too hard to master and make this song a must-have in your repertoire. [2]

7 I Don’t Care feat. Justin Bieber

Guitarists rejoice! This song boasts an effortless chord progression – the perfect choice for guitar players of all levels. The intro and rhythm guitar parts require simple chords with occasional palm mutes, which make the song sound interesting. The verses are slightly more complex but overall this is an easy Ed Sheeran song to learn on guitar.

8 Castle On The Hill

This up-tempo song is a great pick for beginners. It has an easy chord progression and even easier strumming pattern that’s sure to get you jamming in no time. The chorus features some power chords that make the song more interesting, but it’s still relatively simple to play.

Castle On The Hill

9 I See Fire

This song features a beautiful fingerpicking pattern. It’s relatively easy to learn, but it does require some patience and dedication as the picking is quite complex. The chords are simple enough though so you can still get a nice sounding version of this Ed Sheeran classic with just your guitar.

10 Bad Habits

This melody is ideal for guitarists, boasting a straightforward chord progression and simple fingering. The introduction and chorus are composed of basic chords, while the verses contain more intricate chord progressions. Despite its complexity, the song is relatively simple to learn and so you’ll be able to understand it quickly. [3]

11 Happier

This song is a great pick for guitar players because it features an easy chord progression. The intro and chorus require simple chords, while the verses feature some more complex shapes. It’s still an easy enough song to learn though so you should be able to get the hang of it in no time. Happier has become one of Ed Sheeran’s most popular songs and that’s why it makes this list!

12 The A Team

The A Team, a heartbreaking song by Ed Sheeran, is one of his most popular and recognizable tunes. It tells the story of a homeless woman struggling with drug addiction. The song has been covered by artists from Taylor Swift to Tori Kelly and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an easy Ed Sheeran song to learn on guitar. It requires basic chords including G major, D major, Em7, and Cadd9 that can be simplified to just three open chords (G major, D major and Cmajor). Once you get comfortable with these chords, you can practice switching between them while strumming the notes in time with the beat. As the chorus kicks in after each verse, you can pick up the tempo and add some basic lead guitar parts (like a blues riff) to give it more of an edge.

13 Lego House

Another easy Ed Sheeran song on guitar is Lego House, a mid-tempo acoustic piece. The chords are simple and straightforward, consisting of D major, A major, Em7, G major, and B minor. As you progress through the verses and chorus you can add some subtle variations to create more texture or simply stick with the basic chord patterns for a calmer sound. The strumming pattern is mostly eighth notes but it’s slightly up-tempo so it doesn’t sound too flat when played on guitar. This makes it a good choice if you’re looking to learn an Ed Sheeran song in no time!

Lego House

14 Dive

If you’re looking for a slower, romantic Ed Sheeran song to practice on guitar then Dive is the perfect choice. The chords are simple and the strumming pattern follows a basic 4/4 beat so it’s easy to pick up. This song consists of Am7, G major, Fmaj7 and D major which can be simplified even further if needed. To give your play some depth and texture you can add subtle variations such as hammer-ons or pull-offs between the chords or vary the strumming pattern in each chorus section. Give this one a try – it will sound great either way! [4]

15 Shivers

Shivers is a beautiful song that shows off Ed Sheeran’s vocal and guitar skills. It consists of very simple chords including G major, Em7, A minor and D major but the most important part is to pay attention to the strumming pattern. This one follows a slow 4/4 beat with eighth notes throughout so once you’re familiar with these basic chords and how they’re played in time with the rhythm then you can start adding some subtle variations to make it more interesting. You can practice switching between different chord voicings or add hammer-ons and pull-offs for extra texture.

16 Sing

Sing is a fun, upbeat song that can be used to practice your guitar skills. It features some simple chords including C major, G major, A minor and D major as well as an easy strumming pattern. The main thing to focus on here is staying in time with the beat and keeping the strumming pattern consistent throughout. As you progress through each verse and chorus you can add more complex lead parts or embellishments to make it sound more interesting. Once you get the hang of this one, you’ll have no problem playing any other Ed Sheeran song on guitar!

17 One

One is a slower, heartfelt ballad featuring some basic chords such as G major, D major, Em7 and Cadd9. The strumming pattern follows a 4/4 beat with eighth notes throughout so it’s fairly easy to pick up. Once you get the hang of the chord progressions, you can start adding subtle variations such as hammer-ons and pull-offs between chords or changing up the strumming pattern in each chorus section for more texture. This is one of Ed Sheeran’s most popular songs so give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!


18 All Of The Stars

Another easy Ed Sheeran song to play on guitar is All Of The Stars. This is a slow, romantic ballad with some simple chords including F major, Bb major, G minor and Cadd9. As you progress through each verse and chorus you can add some lead guitar parts to give it more of an edge or simply stick with the basic chord patterns for a calmer sound. The strumming pattern follows a 4/4 beat so make sure you keep the rhythm consistent throughout. Once you get comfortable with these chords and how they’re played in time with the beat then you can start adding some subtle variations for extra texture. [5]

19 Supermarket Flowers

If you want to learn an Ed Sheeran song that is a bit more challenging then try Supermarket Flowers. This one features some complex chords including Dm7, G major, Bb major and Fadd9 as well as an intricate strumming pattern. The main thing to focus on here is staying in time with the beat so make sure you practice it slowly and consistently until you’re comfortable with the chord progressions and how they’re played together.

20 Small Bump

This Ed Sheeran song from his album + (plus) is one of the easiest to learn on guitar. The chords are relatively simple and it does not require any complex fingerpicking techniques. The verse has an easy strumming pattern and the chorus consists of two chords that are repeated several times. The bridge contains some additional chords but they can be quickly learned with a little practice. Overall, this is a great beginner-friendly song for those looking to learn how to play the guitar.

21 How Would You Feel (Paean)

This Ed Sheeran song from his album Divide (÷) is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt songs he has ever composed. The guitar accompaniment is relatively simple, allowing even beginner guitarists to learn it easily. The verses contain two chords that are repeated multiple times with a few variations in the strumming pattern for added interest. The chorus uses three chords which also remain consistent throughout.

22 Afterglow

‘Afterglow’ was released in April 2020 as the third single from Ed Sheeran’s studio album No.6 Collaborations Project. It is a beautiful acoustic-guitar driven ballad and an easy one to learn on guitar. Chords used are G, Em, Cadd9 and Dsus4. The song features various strumming patterns throughout, but the basic pattern is a downstroke on each beat of the measure. The chorus has some tricky fingerpicking which can be simplified by using open chords instead of barred ones. With practice and patience, this song can become one of your favorites to play on guitar!

23 Drunk

Released in 2011 as part of Sheeran’s debut studio album +, ‘Drunk’ is a great example of Ed’s songwriting prowess. The guitar part consists mostly of open chords such as G, Em, C and D but with some added notes to make it more interesting. This makes this song a great one for beginner guitarists to learn. The strumming pattern is quite straightforward – downstrokes on each beat – but can be varied up when you get more comfortable with the song. There are also some nice fingerpicking moments which add an extra level of complexity. With enough practice, you will have this classic hit nailed in no time! [6]


24 What Do I Know

This uplifting track was released as the fourth single from Sheeran’s Divide in 2017. The idea of being a source of optimism for others is something that resonates with many people, making this song special in its own way. As far as playing it goes, ‘What Do I Know?’ is very easy to pick up on guitar. It mainly uses just two chords – C and G – so the fingerpicking isn’t too difficult either. This song has an incredibly catchy chorus which will have you singing along before long!

25 Bloodstream

This 2014 hit was the third single from Sheeran’s second studio album x. The chords used for this song are G, Em, Bm, and Dsus2. You may also find yourself adding in some C or F chord variations here and there as well. This is a great song to practice fingerpicking as the pattern is quite straightforward and not too complicated. Overall a great one for beginners to practice!


What easy songs does Ed Sheeran play on guitar?

Ed Sheeran has made a name for himself with his guitar-driven songs, and some of the easiest to play are “Thinking Out Loud”, “Perfect”, “Photograph”, and “Shape of You”. All of these songs offer an easy introduction to Ed Sheeran’s music as they feature simple chord progressions that can be quickly mastered with practice.

What kind of chords are used in Ed Sheeran songs?

The chords used in Ed Sheeran’s songs vary depending on the song but the majority use basic open chords such as A major, G major, D minor, Em7 and Cadd9. Open chords make it easier to learn the basics and progress to more complex chords.

Does Ed Sheeran play A 3 4?

Yes, Ed Sheeran plays A 3 4. A 3 4 is a common time signature used in music. It consists of three beats per measure and four quarter notes per beat. This timing creates an upbeat, lively feel to the music making it perfect for upbeat pop songs like those written by Ed Sheeran. For guitarists interested in learning some of Ed Sheeran’s hits, songs like “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” are great place to start as they both feature a catchy A 3 4 rhythm that can be easily replicated using basic chords. Additionally, his song “Photograph” features a simple strumming pattern with only the G, C, and D chords that make it a great choice for players at any level.

What are 4 easy guitar chords?

If you’re just starting to learn guitar and want to cover some of Ed Sheeran’s songs, here are four easy chords to get you started: – G major – A simple open-position chord that can be used in many different types of music.- D major – Another essential open position chord, this one is great for pop, folk, and rock songs. – C major – A slightly more advanced version of the G chord, but still easy enough for beginners. – F major – This barre chord requires a bit more work than the others, but it’s still totally doable with practice. Once you’ve mastered these chords they can be used in a variety of Ed Sheeran songs, such as Thinking Out Loud, Perfect and Photograph.

What are 4 easy guitar chords?

What Capo does Ed Sheeran use?

Ed Sheeran is known for his use of the capo, which is a tool used to alter the pitch and sound of your guitar strings. He often uses a capo at the 7th fret when playing some of his more popular songs, such as Shape Of You and Thinking Out Loud.

What are some tips for learning Ed Sheeran songs on guitar?

Learning Ed Sheeran songs on guitar may seem intimidating at first, but with practice you can master them in no time. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Listen to the track and try to identify the chords from what you hear.
  • Take it slow! Don’t rush into difficult passages; instead work up to them gradually.
  • Once you have the chords down, practice playing along with the track to get a feel for the rhythm and timing.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strumming patterns and fingerpicking techniques.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to play some of Ed Sheeran’s most popular songs on guitar in no time!

Which loop does Ed Sheeran use?

Ed Sheeran is known for his use of the loop pedal, which allows him to create layered sounds on stage by recording and playing back loops of himself. He often uses the Boss RC-3 Loop Station when performing live, although he has also been seen using other loop pedals such as the TC Electronic Ditto Looper.

What type of guitar does Ed Sheeran play?

Ed Sheeran typically plays a Martin LX1E Little Martin acoustic guitar during performances, although he has been seen experimenting with different guitars in his studio recordings. He also occasionally uses electric guitars for certain songs. By mastering these basics of Ed Sheeran’s music and equipment, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a certified Sheerios.

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Learning Ed Sheeran’s songs can help you learn the basics of guitar playing and songwriting. If you’re looking for some easy pieces to get you started, his tunes are great for beginners. From “Thinking Out Loud” to “Photograph,” there’s a wide variety of Ed Sheeran songs that are perfect to learn on the guitar. Each one contains simple chords, rhythms, and melodies that will give you a solid foundation as your skills grow. So pick up your guitar and start strumming along! Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be writing and playing beautiful music like Ed Sheeran himself!


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