Easy Deftones Songs on Guitar

Easy Deftones Songs on Guitar

In the rock world, Deftones have become a powerhouse of writing and performing unique music. With their mesmerizing blend of alternative, hard rock, and gothic-inspired soundscapes they’ve been admired by both fans and critics alike. But if you’re a beginning guitarist or someone with a background in playing instrumentals then learning your favorite Deftones songs on guitar can be daunting! That is why we’ve put together this blog to help guide you through some easy but still awesome sounding Deftones tunes that will get your fingers grooving while providing an accounting for those unmistakable riffs everyone loves hearing around the campfire jam sessions. Learning these classic Defontes songs on guitar will up your game like never before!

Easy Deftones Songs on Guitar

Change In the House of Flies

It is a great song to start with if you’re looking to learn some Deftones songs on guitar. Its relatively simple chord progressions and melodies make it an ideal starter for beginner-level guitarists.

My Own Summer Shove It

This song has a simple chord progression that anyone can learn quickly, and it’s not too difficult of an overall structure to follow. The main riff consists of just four chords – D, G, A minor, and C – and repeats throughout the entire song. You’ll also need to play some single notes in between each chord change as well. Once you have the basics down, you can start adding your own style by incorporating hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, or bends into your playing. Doing this will give the song a more unique feel and make it sound much better than just playing straight chords.

My Own Summer Shove It

Be Quiet and Drive Far Away

This is another easy Deftones song to learn on guitar. The main riff consists of just a single note, which you can play with either the sixth or fourth string. You’ll also need to be able to switch back and forth between the chords C major and A minor as the song progresses. This song is great for anyone wanting to practice their chord changing skills, while still having an enjoyable and recognizable song to play. [1]


Passenger by Deftones is a great option for guitarists who are new to playing the instrument. While some of their songs require complex techniques and intricate picking, this song is relatively straightforward and easy to learn in a few hours. The main riff uses power chords, so it’s not hard to get right. Verses involve simple palm muting and muted strumming, while the chorus features an open G chord with plenty of room for improvisation. All in all, Passenger is the perfect song to start your exploration into the world of Deftones on guitar!


Bored is another great beginner-friendly song by Deftones. It’s a medium tempo rocker with an infectious chorus melody that will stay in your head for days. The main riff utilizes open chords and a few barre chords, so you have plenty of room to move around and add your own unique spin on it. Verses feature playful palm muting mixed with occasional single note runs, while the chorus involves some easy power chord work. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to learn Deftones songs on guitar, Bored should definitely be at the top of your list!


It is an easy Deftones song to learn on guitar. The intro riff, a driving four-chord rock pattern, lays the foundation for the verse which follows it. The chorus features distorted power chords and a memorable melody line that will stay with you long after you’ve played it. Additionally, there are several short solos throughout the song that can be easily learned by any aspiring guitarist. With its mix of classic Deftones riffs and powerful melodies, Mascara is perfect for beginners looking to add some alternative metal flavor to their repertoire.



Rosemary is another easy Deftones song to learn on guitar. The opening riff, a melodic power chord hook, will become infectious after just a few listens. The verses contain catchy melodies and simple chord progressions that are perfect for beginners. Additionally, the bridge contains a memorable solo section featuring palm-muted single notes that are easy to pick up on. With its mix of crunchy riffs and singable hooks, Rosemary is an ideal choice for any guitarist looking to get into Deftones songs quickly. [2]


It is the sixth track on Deftones’ 2003 self-titled studio album and one of their most iconic songs. The song combines elements of alternative metal, post-hardcore, and nu metal to create an unforgettable soundscape. Fortunately for aspiring guitarists, the song’s heavy riffs are surprisingly easy to play. The main riff is a 4 chord progression played in drop D tuning (DADGBe).

To start off, use your index finger on the fifth fret of the low E string and ring out all six strings. This will give you a nice crunchy sound that sets up for the rest of the riff. After strumming this chord twice, move your ring finger onto the seventh fret and continue ringing out all six strings. Once again, strum the chord twice before repeating this process with your middle finger on the fifth fret and your pinky on the seventh fret. Finally, move your index finger onto the third fret to close out this riff. With some practice, you’ll be able to seamlessly alternate between each chord. To keep things interesting, try adding in palm muting while strumming each chord.

Digital Bath

This song relies heavily on power chords and palm muting in order to create its dreamy soundscape. The main riff consists of three basic power chords that are played in the key of D minor (Dm, A♭, F). To start off, place your index finger at the third fret of the G string and ring out all six strings. Next, move your middle finger onto the fifth fret of the low E string and repeat this chord twice before moving onto the next one. When you get to the second chord, use your pinky at the seventh fret of the G string while still ringing out all six strings. Continue repeating this process until you reach the final chord. Once you have that down, try adding some palm muting into the mix to really bring out the dreamy atmosphere of this song. [3]

Digital Bath


For those who want to learn how to play Deftones songs on guitar, starting with this song is a great idea. It’s fast-paced and requires some complex picking techniques, making it a challenge for more experienced players. The main riff in the chorus consists of muted power chords, which are easy enough for more novice players to pick up quickly. Be sure to practice the palm muting technique once you’ve mastered the chords! For the solo part that follows, be sure to focus on its microtonal feel. This means that each note should be slightly bent up or down during each phrase. Learning this technique will give your playing a unique sound and make your performance stand out above others.

Back To School

This classic Deftones song is a bit easier to learn than some of their more complex pieces. It features simple power chords in the verse and chorus that you can easily master. The solo part follows these chords, so it’s easy to pick up and play along with the record. Once you have the fretboard patterns down, be sure to practice your vibrato technique for added expression. This is an important part of playing solos on guitar and will help give your performance an authentic sound. With a little patience and dedication, you’ll be able to play this song with ease!

Diamond Eyes

It is one of the more popular Deftones songs, and it’s fairly easy to play on guitar. The song follows a basic 4 chord progression in the key of A Minor, which makes it accessible for even novice players. The song starts with an arpeggiated Am-C-Dm-G progression, followed by a chorus of power chords that alternate between A5 and D5. The bridge transitions to a major sound with the Emaj7 chord before returning back to Am for the rest of the song. The main riff is also simple enough for beginners, with only two notes required: open low E string and 3rd fret high E string.

Diamond Eyes


Headup follows a similar chord progression to Diamond Eyes, but the main guitar riff is slightly different. The main riff consists of four chords, with the first two being E5 and B5. These are followed by A5 and D5. The main riff is then repeated throughout the verses and choruses, making it an easy song to learn on guitar. As far as solos go, Headup follows a bluesy style with a few single notes here and there. This makes it ideal for beginners looking to practice their improvisational skills. In addition to this, the bridge also has some simple chord progressions that will help you get used to playing in different keys. [4]


Nosebleed is another easy Deftones song on guitar. The main riff of the song consists of four chords: E5, B5, A5 and D5. This same chord progression is repeated throughout the verses and choruses, making it very easy to learn. As far as solos go, this track follows a more progressive rock style with some complex lead parts thrown in for good measure. However, if you’re a beginner looking to practice their soloing skills, there are plenty of simpler licks that can be learned from this track. Additionally, if you want to spice up your playing during the chorus sections, there are a few hammer-ons and pull-offs which can be used to add some extra flair to your playing.


This song shows off the band’s signature blend of hard rock riffs, soaring melodies, and heavy-hitting rhythms. The chords are easy enough to learn but still demand some precision, making this Deftones track a perfect practice piece for intermediate guitarists. With its fast pace and catchy hook, Lifter will have you shredding in no time! [5]

7 Words

The rhythm of the track relies heavily on palm-muting and open chords, with the main riff being just four simple chords. This makes it easy to pick up and play along, with a few basic chord shapes all that’s required. Once players have mastered the chord changes, they can work on replicating lead singer Chino Moreno’s vocal parts as well as adding their own flourishes around the chord progression. With its strong chorus and memorable riffs, 7 Words is sure to be a crowd-pleaser when performed live or in practice sessions. A classic track from one of the most influential metal bands of all time, it’s a great song to learn on guitar.

7 Words


The Deftones’s Birthmark is a mid-tempo track with an easy to follow chord progression that will have guitarists strumming along in no time. The main riff can be played using basic open chords, and an added bonus is the fact that the song stays in one key, making it easier for new players to get used to playing it. As with all of the band’s songs, Birthmark has plenty of room for experimentation within its structure, allowing players to improvise lead lines or add their own flavor to the track. With its simple yet effective chorus and catchy guitar parts, this is one song that all aspiring shredders should have up their sleeve.

Engine No. 9

It is a great starting point for any beginner guitarist. This song has just two guitar parts, and the simple power chords make it easy to learn. The main riff is just a few notes long, and the chorus features some basic chord shapes that can easily be picked up on an acoustic or electric guitar. The slow tempo of this song also makes it easier to master compared to some of their faster-paced material. Once you have Engine No. 9 down, you’ll have a solid foundation from which to expand your Deftones repertoire!


This song is a great warm-up for any Deftones fan. Its driving tempo and easy chord shapes make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to learn their first Deftones song. While the main riff has some cool bends that add personality, there’s no need to worry about perfecting them until you’re more comfortable with playing the song. The chorus also features easier chords, so beginners can get away with strumming simpler versions of the chords while they work on getting faster and more accurate. [6]


Street Carp

The main riff is simple but memorable and easy to play. It has just four chords: E, G, A, and D. You can also add in some eighth notes here and there for added complexity. The song has an upbeat tempo which makes it fun to practice. Furthermore, the melody of Street Carp is very singable and catchy – perfect for those who want to try out their vocal skills as well! With some basic chord knowledge and patience, you should be able to master this classic Deftones track in no time!

Knife Party

It is one of the most straightforward and fun Deftones songs to learn on guitar. It has a basic four-chord progression with some additional eighth notes that make it more dynamic. Besides, it’s just plain catchy! You can find plenty of videos online that show how to play this song, making it an excellent choice for beginners who want to increase their skill level in no time. Finally, the upbeat tempo of Knife Party makes playing along enjoyable, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot!


What is the easiest Deftones song on guitar?

The easiest Deftones song on guitar is “Change (In the House of Flies)”. It only requires basic knowledge of chords and strumming techniques.

What techniques do I need to know for playing Deftones songs?

To play most Deftones songs on guitar, you will need to know some basic chords such as G, C, D and A minor, how to read tabs, and some basic strumming patterns. Additionally, you may need to understand some more advanced techniques such as tapping or using slides and hammer-ons & pull-offs.

Are there any other easy Deftones songs on guitar?

Yes! Other easy Deftones songs to learn on guitar include “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)”, “My Own Summer (Shove It)”, and “Engine No. 9”. All of these songs are fairly easy to learn with a little practice.

Are there any resources available for learning Deftones songs on guitar?

Absolutely! There are a multitude of tutorials, lessons, and online resources available to help you learn Deftones songs on guitar. From instructional videos to tablature and chord charts, there is something to suit all skill levels. For beginner guitarists interested in learning easy Deftones songs on guitar, the best places to start are with instructional tutorials that walk through every step from learning the basics of playing chords all the way up to playing specific Deftones songs. Sites such as YouTube or Ultimate Guitar offer a wide range of free video tutorials that provide detailed instruction for each song. If you need more in-depth help with understanding specific chords or techniques, look for instructional books or DVDs geared towards learning Deftones songs on guitar. Finally, there are a number of websites and mobile applications specifically devoted to helping you learn Deftones songs on guitar. These online resources often contain tablature, chord charts, and jam tracks for each song so that you can practice along with the original recording in order to perfect your playing technique.

What guitar is used in Deftones songs?

Deftones are known to use a variety of guitars in their songs. The two most common are the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster. Both guitars are popular among rock bands, but Deftones often opt for the Les Paul due to its thicker sound and more aggressive tone. In addition to these two models, Deftones have also been seen using Schecter guitars on stage and in some of their music videos. While any guitar can be used to play Deftones songs, having an instrument similar to what they use will help you replicate their playing style more authentically.

Does Deftones use 7 strings?

The short answer is yes – Deftones uses 7-string guitars in some of their songs. The band’s main guitarist Stephen Carpenter typically plays with seven strings on his ESP guitars, tuned to a Drop A tuning (A1-E2-A2-D3-G3-B3-E4). This allows him to play lower riffs and heavier tones than what would be possible with a 6 string guitar. However, not all Deftones songs require 7 strings so most Deftones fans can enjoy playing the band’s music without having to purchase a new guitar or alter the tuning of their instrument. Additionally, depending on your skill level, some simplified versions of classic Deftones riffs can be played with a 6-string guitar.

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Learning easy Deftones songs on guitar can be an enjoyable journey for any guitarist. By focusing on the right song structures and chord progressions, mastering these classic Deftones tunes can become a breeze. With enough practice and dedication, you’ll soon find yourself shredding like Chino Moreno in no time! So get to practicing today and bring your favorite Deftones songs to life. Good luck! Happy strumming!


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