Easy Taylor Swift Guitar Songs

Easy Taylor Swift Guitar Songs

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift’s music and looking for an easy way to learn how to play her hits on the guitar? Look no further! With our comprehensive guide, you’ll be strumming those classic Taylor Swift songs in no time. We’ve compiled all the essential information about playing her most popular tunes so that even a novice can pick up the guitar and start learning right away. Whether it’s ‘Shake It Off’, ‘Love Story’ or any other song from her impressive discography, we’ll have your fingers twanging like never before after just one lesson. Keep reading for seven tips and tricks on mastering easy Taylor Swift guitar songs today!

Easy Taylor Swift Guitar Songs

Back To December

It is one of Taylor Swift’s signature songs from her 2010 album Speak Now. It tells the story of a young man making amends with his former lover after he broke up with her. This heartfelt song is perfect for playing on guitar, as it features simple chords and a gentle finger-picking pattern. The verse features a progression of A-E-D, whereas the chorus utilizes patterns of Bm7-G/B-A to generate a feeling of motion. For those who are new to guitar playing, Back To December is a great choice – beginners can practice their chord changes and finger-picking techniques on this familiar hit.


This is one of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs to date, from her 2008 album Fearless. The guitar can be played easily for this lively song, as it follows a simple chord progression. The verse follows an A-D-E progression, while the chorus uses the Bm7 and G/B chords to create a sense of movement. Beginners will find this song easy to learn, as it features simple strumming patterns and basic chord changes. Plus, Fifteen is always fun to jam out to – so grab your guitar and give it a try! [1]

Love Story

If you’re a beginner looking to learn how to play the guitar, Love Story by Taylor Swift is a great song to start with. This song has a simple strumming pattern that can be easily mastered with practice. The chords used are G, D, Em, and C, all of which are relatively straightforward. The melody is also quite recognizable, making it easy to sing along as you play. To make the song more interesting, try adding some basic picking patterns and flourishes here and there. With a bit of patience and practice, Love Story will soon be one of your favorite songs to play on the guitar!

Love Story

Shake it Off

This is a great song by Taylor Swift that beginners can easily learn on the guitar. The chords used are A, D, and E7 – all of which are simple enough that they can be mastered with a bit of practice. Shake it Off also has an easy strumming pattern that can be picked up quickly and will help you keep the timing right even when you’re just starting out. To make this song interesting, try adding some variations in your strumming as well as some basic picking patterns.

Teardrops on My Guitar

This song is great for beginners who are looking to learn how to play the guitar because it is very easy. It’s an ideal song for those who are just starting out, as it only requires a few basic chords and very simple strumming patterns. The lyrics of this catchy tune tell the story of unrequited love and heartache, making it perfect for those emotion-filled moments when you’re playing alone or with friends at a campfire. You can find easy guitar tabs online to get started on this classic Taylor Swift song.

You Belong with Me

Another easy and fun Taylor Swift song to play on guitar is You Belong with Me. This hit single from her Fearless album is a great choice for a beginner guitarist, as it only requires 3 chords and some light strumming. The lyrics are upbeat and inspiring, making it the perfect pick-me-up anthem after a long day of learning new songs or dealing with any frustrations you may encounter while learning how to play the guitar.

Wildest Dreams

It is one of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs. It has a beautiful melody and some easy chords that make it perfect for beginner guitarists. The main riff in this song consists of two simple open chords: G major and D major. To play the verse, you’ll just need to alternate between these two chords until the chorus kicks in. For the chorus, add an A minor chord into the mix and you will have all three chords necessary to complete the song on guitar. The bridge section also incorporates an F major chord which adds variety and helps keep things interesting. With some practice, Wildest Dreams is a great song to master for beginning guitar players! [2]

Wildest Dreams

Our Song

Our Song is another classic Taylor Swift song that is easy to learn on guitar. This track features some basic open chords and strum patterns that should come quite easily to even beginner players. The most important chords in this song are G major, C major, D major, and Em. Start off with a simple down strum of each chord and gradually add different picking patterns to give the song more texture and complexity. With some practice, you’ll soon be able to master Our Song on guitar!


Ours by Taylor Swift is an easy-to-play guitar song. The chord progression in this song is simple and well suited for guitar beginners. It follows the I-V-vi-IV pattern, which makes it a great choice when learning to strum chords. The song also has a steady rhythmic feel that helps ground your playing and keeps you in time with the beat. As you learn the chords, you can practice picking out single notes as well as strumming chords to make up the melody of the song. This is a great way to start exploring melodies on guitar.


Red by Taylor Swift is another easy-to-play guitar song. The song follows a simple I-IV-V pattern, which makes it perfect for beginners. It has a light, catchy rhythm that will help you stay in time as you play. You can practice single notes and chord strumming to get the sound of the song right. There are also some fun variations on the chords throughout the song that you can try out once you have the basics down. This is a great way to add extra flavor to your playing without making it more difficult.

Speak Now

It is a great song to learn on the guitar because of its simple yet catchy chord progression. It starts with an Em, Am, Cmaj7 and then transitions to D and G. The chords are easy enough for beginners to learn quickly, while the melodic line combined with the rhythm section can create a pleasing full-band sound when you master it. [3]

Speak Now

State of Grace

It is another popular Taylor Swift song that can be quickly learned on the guitar. It follows a simple 4-chord pattern of Em, G, D and A. It’s great for beginners to practice fingerpicking and strumming techniques as they move up and down the fretboard. The bridge of this song also introduces a few new chords that you can add to your repertoire once you master the basics. Love Story has become an acoustic guitar classic since it was released in 2008. This love ballad starts off with an A major chord followed by Fmaj7 and Dmaj7 before transitioning into E minor and Bb major chords which repeat throughout the chorus. The verses also feature interesting chord progressions using various transitions between chords which are great for intermediate guitarists to practice. Best of all, the song has an instantly recognizable melody that will make you feel like a master guitarist once you can play it!


It is another popular Taylor Swift song that can be easily played on guitar. It’s a great choice for beginner guitarists because the chords are relatively easy to learn, and the song has a slow tempo which makes it easier to master the strumming pattern. To play Treacherous on guitar, you’ll need to know the three main chords: D minor, A major, and G major. Start by learning the chord progression—strum each of these chords twice before moving onto the next one in the sequence. Once you have that down pat, focus your attention on mastering the strumming pattern—the key here is to alternate between 8th and 16th notes.

We Are Never Getting Back Together

This is a feel-good, upbeat song that you can play on guitar in no time. The chord progression is quite simple – all you need are the E minor, B7 and A major chords. To get the strumming pattern right, start with 8th notes before gradually transitioning to 16th notes as the song picks up speed. Once you’ve got that down pat, practice changing between chords smoothly without pausing for too long—this will help give your rendition of We Are Never Getting Back Together an authentic Taylor Swift sound. [4]

We Are Never Getting Back Together


August by Taylor Swift is a lovely guitar song that can easily be learned and mastered. The song has an upbeat melody with memorable lyrics, making it easy to remember and play. You will find yourself singing along as you practice the chords and strumming pattern. The intro of this song requires you to use some minor chords, but the rest of the song should be fairly easy for anyone who knows their basic open chords. To get started on August, make sure you have your G major, C major, D major, Em7 and Am chords down pat. A common strumming pattern for this song is four downstrokes with an upstroke in between each chord change.

Begin Again

Begin Again is a simple yet beautiful song from Taylor Swift’s Red album. This song is one of the easiest Taylor Swift guitar songs to learn and perfect. All you need is your basic open chords, such as A major, D major, E minor and C major. The song follows an easy-to-learn strumming pattern of downstrums on each chord change for four beats followed by an upstrum on the fifth beat. Once you have the song memorized and can play it without any mistakes, try adding some embellishments like fingerpicking or single string picking during certain sections to give it more depth and interest.


It is one of Taylor Swift’s most recent releases and a great song to learn on the guitar. The melody is simple and catchy, making it an easy option for beginners. The chords are also straightforward, with A major, B minor, C major, and G major being used throughout the song. Playing Betty on the guitar requires basic strumming techniques as well as some subtle fingerpicking parts that will add texture to your playing. If you’re looking for an easy way to get into playing Taylor Swift songs on the guitar, Betty is a great choice!

Blank Space

Blank Space is one of Taylor Swift’s most recognizable hits and a great beginner guitar song. The chords in this song are fairly simple, with only G major, C major, D major, and Em being used throughout the track. Playing Blank Space requires basic strumming techniques along with some intricate fingerpicking in the bridge sections to add interest to your playing. With its memorable chorus and easy-to-learn guitar parts, Blank Space is a great choice for anyone just starting out playing Taylor Swift songs on the guitar! [5]

Blank Space

Come Back, Be Here

It is an excellent song for beginning guitarists to learn. This tune highlights a simple strumming pattern and only requires two chords – D major and G major. With its cheerful melody, this song will make it easy for you to practice your guitar skills while having fun playing along with the music.

Cornelia Street

This is a great song for intermediate guitarists to learn. It has a more complex structure than Come Back, Be Here but still packs an excellent melody. You will need to use four main chords – A major, D major, F sharp minor and E major – as well as some picking patterns which can be quite challenging at first. However, with some practice you’ll soon have it mastered and it’s sure to become one of your favorite Taylor Swift songs on guitar!

Cruel Summer

The upbeat intro sounds great and the strumming pattern is fairly straightforward, making it a great choice for beginners. It has a catchy chorus with chords that are easy to execute. With some practice, you’ll be able to play this classic hit in no time!

Everything has Changed

This heartfelt folk-pop duet with Ed Sheeran is a great choice for guitarists of all ages. For beginners, the chord progressions are quite simple and the verses feature a lovely picking pattern. The chorus can be easily adapted to your own rhythm at your own speed, making it easy to learn and perform this beautiful song.

Everything has Changed


Gorgeous by Taylor Swift is a popular one amongst guitar players. This song has great chords to play, as well as a catchy chorus and bridge. It’s perfect for getting started with learning the basics of Taylor Swift’s music and playing her songs on the guitar.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

It is definitely one of the easier Taylor Swift guitar songs you can learn. It’s a duet song with Zayn Malik, and it has an addictive chorus that will have you singing along in no time! The chords are quite easy to pick up, and the beat is very catchy. You can find the chord progression on many online sites, or just listen to the original track to get a feel for what it should sound like. [6]

A Place In This World

It is a great song to learn on the guitar. It’s a simple acoustic number that features just a few chords and strumming patterns. The chorus has an uplifting, catchy melody that is easy to remember. It’s also relatively easy to play as it requires only four chords: G, Cadd9, D, and Em7. To master this song quickly, practice playing the basic chord progressions slowly and accurately before trying it in tempo. Once you have mastered the basics of the song, it can be played faster with some rhythmic variation added for flair.


Mean is another great Taylor Swift song for the guitar. It features more chords than A Place In This World, but they’re all very basic and easy to play. You can use an open G major chord or a barred D7sus4 for this one. The main riff uses the same 4-note pattern throughout and has an easy strumming pattern that can be repeated over and over. You’ll also need to use barre chords with Mean so make sure you practice those too! With some patience and practice, this song will be a breeze to master on the guitar.

Safe and Sound

It is a great beginner’s choice for learning guitar. The song features a basic four-chord progression that remains the same throughout the entire song, making it easy to learn and remember quickly. For those just starting out on guitar, this song is an excellent option for practice.

Safe and Sound

Stay Stay Stay

It is a unique and easy Taylor Swift guitar song that can be picked up relatively quickly. It has a simple, yet catchy rhythm and easily recognizable lyrics. Many Taylor Swift fans learn this song first as it’s one of her most popular hits. The chords are relatively basic and the playing style is slow and melodic with some licks in between. Beginners should have no problem picking up the song once they get familiar with the chords and rhythmic pattern.

You’re Not Sorry

It is another classic Taylor Swift song, which again has simple chords and a recognizable rhythm. It starts off with an intro featuring an arpeggiated chord progression, while the chorus features a basic strumming pattern. This song is great for beginners who are learning how to control their strumming and switch between two different chords quickly. There is also some free-style picking in the lead guitar solo that can be quite fun to learn. [7]


Fearless by Taylor Swift is a classic guitar song for beginners. With its simple chord progressions and easy-to-follow lyrics, Fearless is an ideal way to start developing your basic guitar skills. The chord progression for the chorus of Fearless is G-D/F♯-Em7-Cadd9, which makes it incredibly straightforward to learn. This combination of chords creates a great sound that can easily be played with just four fingers!

Sad Beautiful Tragic

This song has only four chords, so it’s easy to get the hang of for first-time players. The song starts with a gentle melody and builds up gradually as the chorus kicks in. It’s perfect for those just starting out with guitar, as it helps build confidence and allows you to practice proper technique without being too difficult. The lyrics are also quite meaningful, making this a great choice if you’re looking for songs that really connect with listeners. With its simple chord progression and uplifting message, Sad Beautiful Tragic is one of Taylor Swift’s most accessible and enjoyable tunes.

Sad Beautiful Tragic

Sparks Fly

This upbeat pop tune takes a little bit more practice to get the hang of, but it’s still easy enough for beginners. It has a cheerful feel and catchy chorus that make it fun to play. The song follows a simple chord progression that can be quickly mastered, and even without the lyrics, it’s an enjoyable piece to listen to. With its positive message and uplifting sound, Sparks Fly is perfect if you’re looking for something lighthearted and fun.

Never Grow Up

It follows a simple strumming pattern and has basic chord progressions. Its cheerful melody makes it popular among beginners and experienced guitarists alike. The bridge of the song adds a nice challenge with some slightly more complicated chords, but overall the song remains relatively simple to play. [8]

I’m Only Me When I’m With You

This catchy song from Taylor’s debut album follows a 4/4 beat and features mostly basic chords. The rhythm is slightly more complex than other popular Swift songs, but it still remains relatively easy to pick up. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, this upbeat tune is sure to put a smile on your face as you jam out.

Dark Blue Tennessee

It is an easy guitar song that any beginner can learn to play. The chords used in the song are all basic open chords, and the strumming pattern is a simple down-up 4/4 rhythm. To make it even easier, you can simplify the chords further into power chords for a more rock sound. The song also features some nice melodic embellishments such as hammer-ons and pull-offs during certain parts of the chorus—if your playing level allows, feel free to experiment with those techniques! If you’re looking for an upbeat pop tune that’s fun and easy to play on guitar, Dark Blue Tennessee by Taylor Swift is definitely worth learning. It’s sure to get stuck in your head before long!

White Horse

Another easy guitar song by Taylor Swift is “White Horse”. It’s a country-style tune that features some gentle strumming and basic, open chords. The key to making this song sound as good as it does on the album is to be sure to use a lot of dynamic variation—the softer parts should really feel subdued so that when the chorus comes in it has an impact. Also, don’t forget about the little accents throughout (such as the hammer-ons in the pre-chorus) which let you add your own flavor to the song while still playing along with the original recording! “White Horse” is definitely worth learning if you’re looking for a great way to improve your guitar skills without taking too much time.

White Horse


Untouchable by Taylor Swift is one of the most popular songs to learn on guitar. It’s a great choice for beginners, as it only has three chords and an easy strumming pattern. The song also features several distinctive riffs that can be learned quickly. This makes it perfect for someone just starting out with the guitar, as they can practice basic chords while still having something fun to play. Once mastered, this song will have you feeling confident about your guitar playing in no time! [9]

Picture To Burn

Picture To Burn is another great Taylor Swift song to learn on guitar. Like Untouchable, it only has three chords and an easy strumming pattern- making it perfect for beginners. With its catchy melody and sing-along lyrics, this song is sure to become a favorite in your repertoire. It also features some interesting picking patterns that will challenge you as you get more comfortable with the instrument. So grab your guitar and let’s get started!

Dear John

It is an emotional song that captures the heartbreak of a failed relationship. Its simple acoustic guitar chords makes it a great beginners song for aspiring guitar players looking to learn some of Taylor Swift’s music. The song begins with Em, G, D and A chord progressions followed by several strumming patterns. This allows the player to get comfortable with the chords before transitioning into more complicated chord progressions in the chorus and bridge sections of the song.


This song has a darker feel to it. It is written in the key of G minor and follows a basic chord progression of D minor, A major, Bminor, and F major. Again, it’s simple enough for beginners to play with ease but still adds plenty of emotion to your playing. The chorus sections contain more complex chords like Cadd9 and Asus4 that can be daunting but are achievable with some practice.


It is one of Taylor Swift’s most beloved fan-favorite songs. This song is a great option if you are looking for an easy guitar song to learn. The chords used in the original version of the song are G, D, and Em; however, if you’re a beginner guitarist it’s likely easier to play C, F, and Am instead. With clear strumming patterns throughout this upbeat pop track, learning how to play “Crazier” on the guitar can be quick yet fulfilling. Not only will you impress your friends with this catchy tune but also have some fun while mastering the basics of playing guitar!

Christmases When You Were Mine

If you are looking for an easy and simple Taylor Swift song to learn on the guitar, then this one is it. This track features repetitive chords and a steady rhythm throughout – making it perfect for beginner guitarists to practice their strumming patterns. The original version of the song is played in E minor but if you’re starting out, use C major instead. Therefore, all you need to know is just three chords: G, C and Am. So grab your acoustic guitar and have a blast! [10]


It is a beautiful Taylor Swift track that conveys love and passion through its melodic lines. This song’s chords are relatively easy to learn, making it perfect for beginning guitarists who want to hone their skills. The main element of the song is the C Major chord, which creates a foundation throughout most of the track. From there, you can add in other chords such as Dm7, Am7, G/B and F2/A for variation in sound. Practice these chords slowly at first and build up speed until you feel comfortable enough to play Enchanted with ease!


What is the easiest Taylor Swift song to play on guitar?

The easiest Taylor Swift song to play on guitar is “Lover.” This catchy pop tune only requires basic chords and strumming patterns, making it a great choice for beginners. Other easy Taylor Swift songs include “Shake It Off,” “Love Story,” and “Mean.”

What are the chord progressions for Taylor Swift songs?

Many of Taylor Swift’s popular songs rely on simple major or minor chord progressions. Examples include G-C-D in “Love Story” and D-G-A in “Our Song”. More complex songs like “Style” have more intricate chord changes. For those looking to challenge themselves, it’s worth exploring these different progressions.

Are there any tutorials available for Taylor Swift songs?

Yes! There are a variety of tutorials available online to help you learn how to play Taylor Swift songs on guitar. From tab sheets to full-length instructional videos, these resources can provide step-by-step guidance for beginner and intermediate players alike.

Is it possible to play Taylor Swift songs without a capo?

Yes, it is possible to play Taylor Swift songs without a capo. However, the overall sound of the song may be affected as certain chords may not be in the same key. It’s worth experimenting with different tunings or transposing a song if needed. With enough practice and dedication, you’ll soon be able to master your favorite Taylor Swift tunes!

Is Taylor a good beginner guitar?

Taylor Swift’s discography is filled with songs that are perfect for beginner guitarists. Her music is simple and repetitive, making it easy to learn the basics of guitar playing. Some popular Taylor Swift songs for beginners include “Our Song,” “Love Story,” and “Shake It Off.” Each of these tracks feature chord progressions that are easy to master and strumming patterns that will help you get comfortable with a pick. As an added bonus, each of these songs also includes sing-along lyrics that make them even more fun to play!

Does Taylor Swift use a capo?

Yes, Taylor Swift makes use of a capo in her guitar playing. She often uses it to change the key of her songs and create unique sounds. Some popular Taylor Swift songs that use a capo include “Love Story,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “Shake it Off.” Learning how to use a capo effectively can help you sound even more like your favorite artist when playing their songs. With practice, you too can master these awesome Taylor Swift tunes using a capo! If you are just getting started with learning to play guitar, there are some obvious advantages to starting off with easy Taylor Swift guitar songs. These songs provide an excellent way for beginners to practice basic chords and strumming patterns and get a feel for playing the guitar. Plus, you can learn and play along to your favorite Taylor Swift songs at the same time! Some easy Taylor Swift guitar songs that are popular among beginners include “Our Song,” “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me” and “Mean.”

Useful Video: Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero EASY Guitar Tutorial With Chords / Lyrics


Overall, many of Taylor Swift’s songs can be adapted to guitar and are easy for beginners to learn. Whether you’re a fan of her music or just looking for an easy way to get started playing guitar, these songs offer a great place to start. With their catchy melodies and simple chord progressions, they are sure to make your learning experience enjoyable and rewarding! Don’t forget to have fun while you play!

Good luck!


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