Easy Taylor Swift Piano Songs

Easy Taylor Swift Piano Songs

Are you a Taylor Swift fan looking for a way to express your musical talents? You’re in luck! With the help of this blog post, you can now channel your inner TayTay and learn how to play some of her hits on the piano. We understand that learning new instruments can be daunting in the beginning; however, with these easy Taylor Swift songs recommended by professional musicians, beginners need not fear. From simple melodies for newcomers to intricate harmonies perfect for experienced pianists, here is all you need to know about getting started playing one of Swift’s hit songs today.

Easy Taylor Swift Piano Songs

All Too Well

It is one of Swift’s most beloved songs, and luckily for piano players, it’s very easy to learn. With its gentle introduction by an acoustic guitar and evocative lyrics, All Too Well is a great way to hone your skills on the keyboard. The main melody of the song is repeated throughout the chorus and bridge sections as well, making it easy to remember once you have learned it.

The Archer

The Archer is an emotional ballad off of Taylor’s latest album Lover. It features a gentle piano accompaniment and builds to a powerful chorus where the energy level rises for just a moment, before settling back into its original tone. The chords are simple but effective, and once you have learned them they will become second nature. This song is great for playing at a dinner party or gathering, as it expresses so much emotion in so few notes. [1]

Back To December

It is one of the most popular Taylor Swift songs that can be played on piano. This song is a great choice for beginner pianists because the chords are straightforward and the note changes are gradual. YouTubers often cover this song and their videos will give you an understanding of how to play it on your own instrument. Look up tutorials if you’re struggling with learning the different sections of the song!

Back To December

Bad Blood

Another popular song by Taylor Swift that is great for beginners at the piano. The notes are simple and repetitive, making it an easy one to learn. You can also find lots of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you step-by-step how to play it. With practice, you’ll be able to impress your friends with this catchy tune!

Begin Again

It is a simple piano song from Taylor Swift’s 2012 album Red. The track features gentle piano chords and light drum beats that create a wistful, nostalgic mood for the listener. Begin Again is an ideal choice for beginner pianists learning to play Taylor Swift songs as the chords are basic and easy to remember. It can also be used as a great practice piece for those wishing to build their repertoire of piano pieces. With its uplifting message about taking chances and starting anew, the song provides inspiration for everyone who listens!

Blank Space

Another popular track from her 1989 album, Blank Space is a great piano piece for beginners. The song is easy to learn because it has a steady 4/4 rhythm and simple chord progression. It has a unique sound which blends together elements of pop, rock, and electronic music, making it stand out among Taylor’s other songs. As one of the most popular artists in the world today, learning Blank Space can be an exciting way to play some of her greatest hits!


Cardigan is a classic piano song from Taylor Swift’s 2020 album Folklore. The track features gentle melodies that contrast with the somber lyrics, creating an intriguing mix of emotions for the listener. Its easy-to-follow chord progression makes it perfect for beginner pianists, while its emotional depth ensures that even experienced players can enjoy the song. With Cardigan, you can get lost in the beautiful music as you explore Taylor’s ever-evolving sound! [2]


Champagne Problems

It is another great Taylor Swift piano song to learn on the instrument. This pop-ballad was released in July 2020 as part of her eight studio album, Folklore, and has since become a fan favorite. The chords for this song are relatively simple and can be navigated by even beginner level pianists. The lighthearted melody combined with Taylor’s poetic lyrics make it a great choice for not just intermediate but also beginner players wanting to show off their musical talent. Listeners have noted that Champagne Problems features an array of instruments including violins, French horns, drums and more; however, playing it solely on the piano can evoke a truly beautiful soundscape. The song has simple key transitions in both the chorus and verses, making it easy to learn and perform well.


One of the best Taylor Swift songs to play on the piano is “Change”. This song, released in 2008, was a tribute to her grandmother who had recently passed away. At just over three minutes long, it is a simple and heartfelt ballad that anyone can learn to play on the piano with practice. The song has a straight 4/4 time signature and uses chords that follow an I-IV-V progression (C-F-G). To make the piece more interesting, you can add in some runs between each chord or incorporate left hand arpeggios for added texture. With its basic structure and memorable melody, “Change” is sure to be an enjoyable addition to any pianist’s repertoire!


Another great Taylor Swift song to learn on the piano is “Crazier”. This 2009 single was inspired by her then-boyfriend Joe Jonas and features a stirring slow tempo perfect for playing on the keys. The song follows a simple chord progression of A minor, Bb major, C major, D minor, and E minor. As with any Taylor Swift song, embellishments are key in order to make the piece come alive and give it your own unique spin! Adding in some chromatic lines or improvised runs can really help bring out the emotion in this heartfelt ballad. [3]


It is one of Taylor Swift’s more recent songs and is a great one for beginners to learn on piano. The song has simple chords and a repetitive melody that can be easily broken down into manageable sections. Once the basics have been mastered, there are plenty of opportunities to add interesting nuances using hand position and chord inversions.



This upbeat, romantic song is one of Taylor Swift’s older hits. It has a relatively easy melody to learn and accompanying chords that are simple enough for piano beginners. The song is fast-paced but can be broken down into manageable sections in order to put it all together. Once the basics have been learned, there are plenty of opportunities to explore adding more interesting elements by playing around with different chord voicings and finger placements.


It is a beautiful song by Taylor Swift that recently came out in December 2020. It’s perfect for playing on the piano, with its gentle melody and simple chords. The chorus has a repetitive chord progression of Bm – G – D – A, and the verse has an easy-to-play pattern of Em – Am – F – C. This song features some lovely sounding minor chords like Em7 and G/B, so it’s great for those wanting to learn more interesting chords on the piano. Even if you’re just starting to learn the piano, this is still within reach as long as you take your time and practice!

Everything Has Changed

This song was released in 2013, and it’s still a favorite for many fans today. It features some nice chords like D – Bm7 – G/B and A/C# that are relatively easy to play on the piano. The chorus also has a repetitive pattern of F#m – Bm – G – D, which makes it easy to remember. If you’re just starting out with playing the piano, then this is an excellent choice to start learning as it won’t take too long to master! [4]


It is one of Taylor Swift’s most recent hits and includes an infectious beat. If you’re a beginner at the piano, it can be a challenge to learn, but with practice you can master this song. To start off, focus on learning one section of the song at a time. Work on getting the chords down before advancing to the next section. Once you have everything all in order, play around with timing and tempo for added effect! It might take some time, but eventually you will be able to play Exiles beautifully!


Eyes Open

It is another one of Swift’s classics and it’s perfect for those just starting out playing the piano. As a beginner, you will likely need to break down this song into smaller sections in order to master it. Start with the simple chords and progress your way up to more difficult parts as you gain confidence. This song may take some time to learn but once you have it down pat, its upbeat tempo and fun lyrics will be sure to make an impact wherever you play!


This uplifting song is a great one to learn if you want to start off on the right foot. It has simple chords and can be mastered with minimal practice. Even though it lacks complexity, it still sounds beautiful and impressive when played properly. Just focus on getting the notes down in time and rhythm and you will have this song mastered in no time! [5]


Taylor Swift songs are especially great for those who want to learn how to play the piano. For starters, most of her music is quite straightforward and easy to follow – making them ideal choices for beginners.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

It is one of Taylor Swift’s more recent piano songs. This song was co-written and recorded with Zayn Malik for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack in 2017. With its low, mellow chords and lyrical simplicity, it’s a wonderful song to learn on the piano. The chorus features a few simple arpeggiated chords that can be easily learned. You can also practice playing through the entire verse as they are relatively basic chords that just need some repetition to master them!

I Knew You Were Trouble

This song is from Swift’s fourth album, Red. It has a catchy chorus and the verses are made up of simple open chords and some added rhythm to give it that characterful feel. The bridge section also includes some powerful chord progressions which can be quite tricky to learn but once you get those down, you’ll have this song mastered!

I Knew You Were Trouble

Look What You Made Me Do

It is a perfect way to kick off your Taylor Swift piano repertoire. This slightly dark and edgy song, with its minor chords and rock-inspired rhythms, offers an opportunity for piano players to explore their more dynamic side.

Love Story

It is one of Taylor Swift’s most iconic songs, and it’s also quite easy to learn on the piano. A simple version of this arrangement can be achieved with just four chords: C major, G major, Am, and F major. The track even opens with a simplistic G-Am-F chord progression which makes it highly accessible for beginner pianists. It’s important to note that the song is in 4/4 time signature but at a moderate tempo so you will need to practice your timing as you play through the piece. Additionally, there are little runs and trills throughout which sound beautiful on the piano if you can master them!


Lover by Taylor Swift is a great song to learn on the piano. It has an easy melody that can be picked up quickly and is perfect for beginners. The chords are also quite simple, which makes it even easier to play. Once you have the basics down, you’ll be able to add your own flourishes and make the song your own. [6]


ME! is another great Taylor Swift song for the piano. This upbeat pop track has a catchy chorus with easy chords and a fun sound. It’s perfect for beginners as it has an uncomplicated structure that can be picked up easily. You’ll be able to quickly learn the basics of this song and make it your own with some creative flourishes.



It is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, released in 2010. The song was co-written and produced by Nathan Chapman and Swift herself, and serves as the fourth single from her third studio album Speak Now. It marks a departure from Swift’s previous country pop music style, instead opting for a more rock-oriented sound while exploring themes of bullying. Mean is relatively easy to learn on the piano, making it a great choice for those who are just beginning to play. Its repetitive chord progressions make it accessible and enjoyable even for novice players, with no complicated techniques required.


What are the easiest Taylor Swift songs to play on piano?

The easiest Taylor Swift songs to play on piano are “Love Story,” “White Horse,” and “You Belong with Me.” Each of these songs features simple melodies that can be mastered even by novice players. Other easy Taylor Swift piano songs include “Eyes Open,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and “Mean.”

What is the most difficult Taylor Swift song to play on piano?

The most difficult Taylor Swift song to play on piano is probably her ballad “Sad Beautiful Tragic.” This song has a complicated left-hand accompaniment pattern that requires complex fingerings and advanced coordination between both hands. Other difficult Taylor Swift piano songs include “Clean,” “My Tears Ricochet,” and “The Archer.”

Are there any resources available to help me learn how to play Taylor Swift songs?

Yes! There are numerous online tutorials, books, and sheet music collections that can help you learn how to play Taylor Swift songs on the piano. Additionally, YouTube is a great resource for finding step-by-step instructional videos that walk you through each song note by note. Finally, some teachers even offer private lessons in which they can teach students how to play Taylor Swift songs on the piano.

What tips do you have for playing Taylor Swift songs on the piano?

When learning how to play Taylor Swift songs on the piano, it’s important to start with some of her simpler tunes. This will help you build a foundation of skills before tackling more complex pieces. It’s also beneficial to practice both hands separately at first and then combine them when playing together. Finally, don’t get discouraged if you make mistakes along the way – learning how to play any instrument takes time and patience!

Useful Video: Taylor Swift – willow | EASY Piano Tutorial


Taylor Swift’s music is enjoyable and relatively easy to learn on the piano, making it a great choice for those who are just starting out or don’t feel confident in their skills. By familiarizing yourself with her songs, you can improve your playing and have some fun at the same time. Whether you choose to play “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” or another classic Taylor Swift tune, you can enjoy mastering these simple yet beautiful songs that have touched so many people around the world. Give it a try today!


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