Easy Sublime Songs on Guitar

Easy Sublime Songs on Guitar

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play some classic Sublime songs on the guitar, then this is the article for you! Learning any type of instrument can be overwhelming at first. With all the chords, scales and fingerpicking techniques out there it can seem impossible to even begin your journey as a musician. But taking time to focus on playing one song in particular can really help give you structure and motivation as well as provide invaluable insight into various aspects of music theory. In this blog post we’ll look at some popular beginner-level Sublime songs that are perfect for starting out on guitar! So grab your axe, tune up (or down) and let’s dive right in!

Easy Sublime Songs on Guitar

Pawn Shop

This song is a great way to get started with Sublime’s music. The guitar riffs are so catchy and easy to learn; it will also help you develop a better understanding of the different chords used in reggae music. It features several simple yet memorable guitar solos which are perfect for taking your first steps into playing Sublime songs.

Marley Medley Guava Jelly This Train

This song is a great mixture of some of Bob Marley’s most popular songs. It’s a great way to get acquainted with Sublime’s interpretation of reggae music, and it features several easy guitar riffs that are fun to learn. And you won’t have any trouble remembering the words; they’re all classic Marley tunes! [1]

Summertime Doin Time

This song is a great way to practice the fundamentals of reggae-style guitar playing. It’s filled with easy, simple chords and licks that you can use to get comfortable with the genre and its unique sound. Plus, it has an infectious rhythm that makes it fun to play – no matter what your level of skills.

Summertime Doin Time

Date Rape

This song is a great example of Sublime’s signature style. It features some easy yet powerful guitar riffs and solos which are easy enough for beginners to master. And the song itself speaks volumes about the band’s punk-reggae sound, making it a must-know for any fan or aspiring musician.

40 Oz To Freedom

40 Oz To Freedom is one of the classic songs from Sublime that has been covered countless times by various artists. This song is simple enough for beginners to learn and perform on guitar, as it only uses three chords. In addition to being an easy song to play, 40 Oz To Freedom also sounds great when performed with just a guitar, making it a perfect choice if you’re looking for some easy Sublime songs on guitar. The basic structure of this song follows a typical verse-chorus-verse format, which makes it easier to learn and memorize. The chord progression used in the verses is based around G major, C major, and D major chords. In the chorus section, however, the chord progression uses A major, B major, and D major chords. [2]

Smoke Two Joints

It is one of the easier songs to play on guitar. The main riff is a basic four chord progression, which makes it an excellent starting point for beginner guitarists who are just getting accustomed to playing chords. The song includes some quick power chord strumming as well, so you can practice your finger technique while still sounding great!

Same In The End

This is another great song for beginner guitarists to learn. The main riff is fairly simple and can be easily picked up with a few practice sessions. It also includes some fun slides which you can use to create interesting dynamic shifts in your playing. Additionally, the rhythm of this song is quite easy to keep up with and will help you get comfortable strumming along to different tempos.

What I Got

This is a great song to practice barre chords on guitar. The verse uses a couple of different barre chord shapes, so you can get comfortable playing them in various positions. Additionally, the chorus features some fun hammer-ons and pull-offs which sound great when you add them into the mix. [3]

Rivers Of Babylon

This classic reggae tune is a great choice for guitarists looking to learn how to play some easy songs on the guitar. The song is based around the same chord progression throughout, so getting used to the changes will be very simple and straightforward. Key chords such as A major, E minor, F major, G major, and Dmajor are used in this powerful piece of music.

Rivers Of Babylon

Garden Grove

This classic punk-rock song is a great way to learn how to play some easy chords on the guitar. The song primarily consists of A major, D major, and E minor chords so if you can master these three basic chords then you’ll have no problem playing this track. It’s also a good challenge for those looking to learn more complicated strumming patterns as well.


This classic reggae/ska song is a great choice for guitarists looking to expand their repertoire. It’s got some simple chord progressions as well as some more complex fingerpicking techniques so it’s a good one to practice if you’re looking to challenge yourself. Key chords such as C major, G major, A minor, and E minor are used in the song.

Scarlet Begonias

A 70s classic from the Grateful Dead is a great song for beginner guitarists to learn. With basic strumming, simple fingerpicking and relatively straightforward chords, it’s an excellent tune to start with if you are just starting out on guitar. The most recognizable part of this song is its chorus which features some iconic chord progressions. Once mastered, Scarlet Begonias will open up many doors in terms of learning other songs with similar structures and styles. It’s also great practice for developing your sense of rhythm and timing. Plus, it’s always nice to have a Grateful Dead song tucked away in your repertoire! [4]


From Sublime, Badfish is a fun and easy song to learn on guitar. It has some basic chords and strumming patterns that even beginners can grasp quickly. The verses in this song feature fairly simple chord progressions with just two or three chords each. The chorus also offers up a bit of challenge with power chords, but overall it’s an enjoyable and relatively straightforward tune to learn.

Wrong Way

Wrong Way by Sublime is an iconic song that many guitarists enjoy playing. It features a catchy rhythm, simple but effective chord structures, and an easily memorable chorus. The song’s structure follows the traditional verse-chorus format with a few bridges thrown in for texture and variety. The intro and outro are both composed of two bars of the same progression repeated four times. This makes it easy to remember and play along with the song. The chords used throughout Wrong Way are mostly basic open chords such as G major, Em, Am7, Dsus2/F# and others which can be easily picked up even if you are new to playing guitar. One interesting aspect of this song is its use of “flavored” chords. These chords are used to add a bit of flavor to the progression and make it more interesting and unique. For example, in the verse sections you will hear Em7 and Am7b5 chords instead of just plain Em and Am7. All these features together make Wrong Way an enjoyable song to play on guitar. [5]

Wrong Way

Boss Dj

Boss Dj by Sublime is another great song that guitarists will love to play. This upbeat track features a funky reggae inspired groove and lots of catchy riffs. The chords used in this song are mostly basic open chords such as Em, Cadd9, Dsus2/F# and Bm7b5. These chords can be easily picked up even if you are a novice guitarist. In the chorus section, interesting “flavored” chords such as Bm7b5/F# and Dsus2/G help make the progression more interesting and unique. One thing to note about Boss Dj is its use of minor ninth chords which add an extra layer of complexity to the song’s harmony.

Don’t Push

This song by Sublime is an easy to learn, laid-back reggae tune. It contains a simple but catchy guitar riff that follows the same pattern throughout the entire song. Chords used in this song include A minor, D Major, and E Major – all of which can be played using basic open position chords. For those looking to put their own spin on things, you can add some fun fills or licks between chords as well. With just a few practice runs, you’ll have this Sublime classic down in no time!


This classic hip-hop track is another great song for new guitarists. The main riff consists of a simple 3 note pattern that follows the same chord progression as Don’t Push. You can use basic open chords such as A minor, D Major, and E Major to get the job done. There are also some fun licks you can add on top of these chords to give it your own unique spin. [6]

Caress Me Down

It is one of the easier Sublime songs to learn on guitar. This song, written by Bradley Nowell and released in 1996 on the album Sublime, is a great starting point for those looking to add some classic ska-punk to their repertoire. The song centers around a four chord progression that repeats throughout the entirety of the song; A minor, E major, D major, and G major. These four chords make up most of the song, with occasional variations like A/C♯ thrown in for interest.

Doin Time

Doin’ Time, also written and released by Sublime on the same album in 1996, is another great song for beginner guitarists. This song has a slightly more sophisticated chord progression than Caress Me Down; A minor, C major, E major, F♯ minor and G major. The structure of this song consists of two main verses that contain the four chords previously mentioned with a chorus that follows after each verse. Additionally, there are some interesting sliding chords at the end of each chorus which adds to its complexity.

Doin Time

Benefits of Playing Guitar

Playing guitar has many benefits. Not only is it a fun and relaxing pastime, but it can help build your confidence, improve coordination and dexterity, and enhance creativity. It’s also an excellent way to develop problem-solving skills as you learn new chords and progressions. Additionally, playing guitar can easily be shared with friends or family for social gatherings or jam sessions.

Finally, learning easy Sublime songs on guitar makes it possible to quickly fulfill your desire to play popular music that you enjoy listening to! With just a few hours of practice, you’ll soon be able to show off while singing along with your favorite Sublime tunes.

So grab your guitar and get ready to have some fun!

Sunshine Strumming: Easy Sublime Songs for Guitar Enthusiasts

Embark on a laid-back musical journey with these beginner-friendly Sublime songs for the guitar. Explore this detailed comparison table, featuring chord complexity, strumming patterns, capo placement, song structure, and additional techniques. Capture the essence of Sublime’s signature sound with these effortless tunes.

Song Chord Complexity Strumming Patterns Capo Placement Song Structure Additional Techniques
What I Got Low Up-Down Strumming No Capo Verse, Chorus, Bridge Chord Mutes
Santeria Low-Medium Reggae Strumming 2nd Fret Verse, Chorus, Solo Chord Hammer-ons
Wrong Way Low Down-Strumming 1st Fret Verse, Chorus, Bridge Fingerpicking in Intro
Badfish Low Upbeat Strumming No Capo Verse, Chorus, Outro Chord Slides
Doin’ Time Low-Medium Reggae Strumming 4th Fret Verse, Chorus, Bridge Chord Arpeggios


  • What I Got: Low chord complexity, up-down strumming pattern, no capo. Follows a verse-chorus-bridge structure with added chord mutes for a dynamic touch.
  • Santeria: Low-medium chord complexity, reggae strumming, capo on the 2nd fret. Features a verse-chorus-solo structure with chord hammer-ons to capture the Sublime vibe.
  • Wrong Way: Low chord complexity, down-strumming pattern, capo on the 1st fret. Organized into a verse-chorus-bridge structure with fingerpicking in the intro for a melodic start.
  • Badfish: Low chord complexity, upbeat strumming, no capo. Progresses through a verse-chorus-outro structure with chord slides for added flair.
  • Doin’ Time: Low-medium chord complexity, reggae strumming, capo on the 4th fret. Follows a verse-chorus-bridge structure with chord arpeggios for a Sublime signature sound.

Choose a Sublime song from this table and enjoy the breezy, sun-soaked vibes while strumming on your guitar.


What’s the easiest Sublime song to play on guitar?

One of the easiest Sublime songs to play on guitar is “What I Got.” It has easy chords and a simple strumming pattern. Another great option for beginners is “Doin’ Time,” which only uses four chords throughout the entire song, making it accessible for all levels of playing ability.

Are there any other songs by Sublime that are suitable for beginner guitarists?

Yes! Other popular Sublime songs that are good for beginner guitarists include “Santeria,” “Badfish,” “Wrong Way,” and “Garden Grove.” Each of these tunes feature straightforward chord progressions, making them easier to learn than more complicated songs. Additionally, they all have memorable melodies that are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Where can I find guitar tabs for Sublime’s songs?

Tabs for Sublime’s songs can be found on a variety of websites, including Ultimate Guitar and Songsterr. These sites offer comprehensive tablature and chord diagrams as well as helpful advice on how to play the song in question. Additionally, many YouTube videos feature tutorials or covers of Sublime songs that can help guide beginner guitarists through learning the material.

What are the easiest 2 chord songs to play on guitar?

One of the easiest 2 chord songs to play on guitar is “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan. This song uses only G and D chords and is relatively easy to strum along with it. Another great 2 chord song for beginners is “Wonderwall” by Oasis, which utilizes simple A and D chords. These two songs are some of the most popular beginner guitar songs due to their simplicity, but there are many more that you can learn as well! Other tunes like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen, “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, or “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash all use just two chords and are great for beginning guitarists.

What are 3 easy guitar chords?

The three easiest guitar chords to learn are G major, C major, and D major. G major is a great chord to start with as it only consists of two notes – the root note (G) and the third (B). It’s an open chord meaning you don’t need to press down any strings in order for it to sound correct. C major is another easy chord which can be moved up and down the fretboard relatively easily. Lastly, D major is another simple yet powerful chord that can be used in many different styles of music.

What are 3 easy guitar chords?

How did Ed Sheeran learn to play guitar?

Ed Sheeran is an incredible musician and a master of the guitar. He started playing guitar at a young age, primarily self-taught by watching YouTube videos and playing along with his favorite songs. Like many self-taught musicians, he was drawn to easy sublime songs on guitar which are usually based on simple chord progressions and basic strumming patterns like those in ‘Shape Of You’ or ‘Thinking Out Loud’. He also took lessons from fellow singer/songwriter Jamie Lawson, who taught him more advanced techniques such as fingerpicking and various improvisational tricks. Sheeran has credited Lawson for helping him develop his signature sound of combining soulful vocals with intricate guitar parts.

What is the hardest beginner guitar chord?

One of the hardest beginner guitar chords to learn is the E Minor (Em) chord. It requires you to play all six strings with three different fingers, which can be tricky for novice players. However, once you get the hang of it, Em will become one of your go-to chords. This versatile chord is often used in many popular songs such as ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber and ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay – both easy sublime songs on guitar which use the Em chord in their respective progressions.

Why is the D chord so hard?

The D chord is one of the more difficult chords to learn for beginning guitarists because it requires you to play all six strings with four different fingers. It also needs to be played in a specific way, with your middle finger pressing down two strings. This can take some time and practice but once you master it, the D chord will become second nature. The D chord is used in many well-known songs such as ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis and ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry – both easy sublime songs on guitar which use the simple yet powerful sound of this challenging chord.

Can you recommend easy Sublime songs with simple chord progressions for guitarists?

Certainly! “What I Got,” “Santeria,” and “Badfish” are great choices for beginners. These Sublime songs feature relatively simple chord progressions and are perfect for guitarists who are still developing their skills.

Which Sublime songs are suitable for acoustic guitar playing?

If you prefer acoustic arrangements, songs like “Saw Red” and “Wrong Way” are excellent options. These songs can be adapted for acoustic guitar, allowing you to enjoy the laid-back vibe of Sublime’s music in a more stripped-down setting.

Are there any Sublime songs that focus on strumming patterns for beginners?

Certainly! “April 29, 1992 (Miami)” and “Caress Me Down” are great choices for practicing strumming patterns as a beginner. These songs provide opportunities to work on your rhythm and strumming technique while playing some classic Sublime tunes.

Can you suggest Sublime songs that are easy for solo guitar playing?

For solo guitar playing, consider songs like “Garden Grove” and “Pawn Shop.” These Sublime tracks can be played as instrumentals on a single guitar, making them suitable for those who enjoy the challenge of playing both melody and chords simultaneously.

What are some Sublime songs with catchy riffs that are beginner-friendly?

If you’re looking for catchy riffs, try “Smoke Two Joints” and “Summertime (Doin’ Time).” These songs feature memorable guitar riffs that are relatively easy for beginners to pick up and play.

Useful Video: How to Play “Garden Grove” by Sublime on Guitar


Learning easy Sublime songs on guitar can be a great way to get comfortable playing the instrument and have fun while doing it. The music of Sublime can be adapted to all levels of skill, whether you’re just starting out with guitar or if you’ve been playing for years. With just some practice and dedication, you’ll find that tackling these classic tunes isn’t as hard as it seems. So grab your guitar, get started learning some easy Sublime songs, and jam away! You never know—maybe you’ll become one of the next great Sublime cover artists!


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