Easy One Hand Piano Songs

Easy One Hand Piano Songs

Playing the piano can be an incredibly rewarding experience and is a skill that many people strive to master. However, sometimes you don’t have two hands available for complex pieces of music. Not to worry! With just one hand, you can still create beautiful melodies – discover easy one-hand piano songs in this blog post and find out how these pieces will help your skillset grow faster while having plenty of fun along the way!

Easy One Hand Piano Songs

Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter

One of the most iconic pieces of movie music ever! This one-hand piano song is simple, recognizable, and sure to impress. It’s a great way to learn how to play with one hand because it starts off as a slow melody that gradually builds in complexity. Play around with the different chord progressions to add variety and spice up your version of this classic piece.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

This nursery rhyme is super simple to play—it only has two notes so it’s perfect for those just starting out on their journey of learning one-handed piano songs. Plus, there are lots of versions you can try out online that will give you ideas about how to make it sound more interesting. Try adding octaves or changing the tempo to make it your own!

Fur Elise

This classical masterpiece is one of the most widely known and beloved pieces of music ever written. It’s a great way to learn how to play with both hands without getting too overwhelmed. Play around with different types of articulation and embellishments to give the piece more depth and complexity. [1]

Fur Elise

River Flows In You

One-handed arrangements of Yiruma’s “River Flows In You” are available, which simplify the popular modern piano piece while retaining its original beauty and charm. The main theme has lots of repeated notes in it, so focus on playing with different dynamics and articulation to make it more interesting.

Claire de Lune

It is a popular solo piano piece composed by the legendary French composer Claude Debussy. It was featured in the movie ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ and has been played by countless pianists throughout history. The song is simple enough for even beginners to learn, with its gentle melody and one-handed arpeggio accompaniment. Even if you don’t have much experience playing the piano, this timeless classic can still be mastered quickly with just a bit of practice. Plus, it’s great for relieving stress after a long day!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A nursery rhyme loved by generations of children, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a classic piano song that can be easy to learn with just one hand. To make the song even easier, you can simplify it into two chords and let your right-hand arpeggiate through them. This will help give the melody a nice flow while still maintaining its sweetness. Plus, singing along while playing will help you stay on track!


Alouette was originally composed in France as part of a traditional folk tune. It is relatively simple and repetitive, making it perfect for those who are new to the piano or looking for something quick and easy to practice their skills with one hand. There are some slight variations between versions, so be sure to pay attention to the details and perfect your own rendition of this charming melody.



Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is an easy piano song to learn with just one hand. As the intro builds, the left hand plays a simple three-note chord progression: E minor, A major and B minor. The right hand plays the melody on top of these chords. While playing this song with one hand can be challenging at first, it’s a great way to get comfortable with arpeggios and basic chord progressions. [2]

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace by John Newton is another great one-handed piano song. It starts with a simple four-note chord progression in the left hand: C major, F major, G major and A minor. The right hand plays the melody on top of this progression. This song is perfect for beginners as it requires minimal practice to master.


Havana by Camila Cabello is one of the easiest one-hand piano songs to learn. With its catchy beat and unique Latin sound, this song is sure to get stuck in your head after only a few minutes of playing! The left hand plays a simple bass line which consists of repeating notes while the right hand plays the main melody with more complex chords. Even if you’re new to playing the piano, it won’t take long before you can master this song and show off your skills at any gathering or party. Pick up your favorite version–acoustic, electric, pop, etc.–and practice until you can play it confidently with just one hand! You might even be able to improvise on top if you feel so inclined!

Pink Panther Theme

The classic Pink Panther Theme is a great choice for any beginner one-hand pianist. Composed by Henry Mancini in 1963, this song has become an iconic part of cinema history and can be heard at the beginning of every movie featuring the infamous detective. Luckily, it’s also very easy to learn on the piano with its bouncy left hand rhythm and simple right hand melody. While it might take some time to get up to speed, you should have no problem mastering this song in no time! Just like Havana, you can choose from any number of different versions depending on what sound or genre you prefer. [3]

Pink Panther Theme

Happy Birthday To You

This classic tune is familiar to most people, and can be easily adapted into different styles. It’s also relatively easy to play with just one hand, but sounds impressive when done well. You can use both the left and right hands for extra embellishments if desired, or keep the arrangement simple with just your dominant hand. For more advanced players, try adding in some interesting variations or improvisation to really make it stand out! With practice, you will be able to play Happy Birthday To You seamlessly with one hand on the piano and it will become a go-to song for special occasions.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

This classic Disney song from The Lion King is a great one to start with when learning to play the piano with just one hand. It has a recognizable melody that will sound impressive even at a slow tempo. If you’re feeling adventurous, try varying the rhythms or adding in some improvisation for an extra special touch – your audience won’t be able to resist! With practice and dedication, Can You Feel The Love Tonight can be effortlessly played with just one hand on the piano.

Take Me To Church

This popular rock song by Hozier is surprisingly easy to play with only one hand on the piano. As long as you follow the correct key signature (which can usually be found online), it should take you no time at all to learn the basic melody and chords. Feel free to add in some extra embellishments or flourishes if you wish, and once you have it down, you’ll be able to really show off your skills by playing this song with only one hand on the piano.

Jingle Bells

It is a classic holiday carol that everyone can learn to play on piano with one hand! This simple tune is easy to learn, and only requires the use of a few white keys. To get started, begin by playing the notes C-D-E-C, D-E-F-D, E-F-G-E in order. Once you have those down, add the two chords G and A to complete the song. You can find plenty of tutorials online or ask an experienced friend for help if needed.

Jingle Bells

Samsung Tune

It is another one-hand piano song that anyone can learn. This classic melody is based on only two chords, A and B. To play it, start by playing the notes G-A-B-G, A-B-C-A, B-C-D-B slowly. Once you get those down, add in the chord of E for more depth to your version of Samsung Tune! The key to mastering this song is to practice until you can play it without thinking about every note. [4]

Superman Theme

It is a great song for beginning piano players who only have one hand. It’s simple, and features an iconic melody that will make you feel like you’re soaring through the skies! With just a few basic chords and some practice, anyone can learn to play this classic theme in no time. To get started, start with the left-hand part of the song which contains repeating chord patterns of D minor, A major, G major and Bb major. Once you’re comfortable with that pattern, add in the right hand melody on top of those chords. The notes are easy enough to learn—it’s mostly stepwise with a few leaps here and there—so it shouldn’t take too long to learn how to play it. After that, you can practice speeding up the tempo to get it sounding more like the classic Superman Theme.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

This Christmas classic is another great song for one-handed pianists. It follows a simple chord structure of C, F and G7. Once you get the basic chords down, it’s time to work on the melody. The tune itself is fairly straightforward—it mostly consists of stepwise motion between notes—but there are a few tricky spots that may take some practice to perfect. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can start adding in various embellishments such as trills, arpeggios and chromatic runs to give it more flavor.

Katy Perry – Roar

Katy Perry’s song ‘Roar’ is a great choice for those just getting started learning the piano. It has an easy one-hand melody line that can be followed along with the lyrics, and it’s fun to sing along with as well! The chorus is particularly catchy and will likely have you humming it long after you finish playing. In addition, if you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of ways to add your own creative flair to the song.

Katy Perry - Roar

Deep Blue Something – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This classic 90s hit by Deep Blue Something is a great easy one-hand piano song. Its mellow melody line creates a sense of calm and allows you to really appreciate the lyrics as you play. It’s also wonderfully romantic and nostalgic, making it perfect for slow dances or a romantic dinner setting. If you’re looking for something to practice with that doesn’t require too much effort, this is an excellent choice!

Imagine Dragons – Believer

One of the most popular easy one-hand piano songs is Believer by Imagine Dragons. This song is fairly simple with its memorable melody and straightforward chords. The left hand plays a basic chord progression while the right hand carries out the melodic lead. The main thing to remember when playing this song is that it’s in 4/4 time, so make sure your rhythm stays steady throughout. You’ll need to practice some finger gymnastics in order to keep both hands on beat and not get lost in the notes. But don’t worry—with enough practice, you’ll soon be able to effortlessly pull off this classic hit! [5]


Another classic easy one-hand piano song is Chopsticks. This fun and simple tune uses the right hand to play a few basic notes, while the left hand follows along with an accompaniment of chords. It’s great for beginners because it covers the basics and teaches them how to switch between single notes and chords. Additionally, Chopsticks is also fun for more experienced players as they can add flourishes or embellishments to their versions of the song.

Heart And Soul – Hoagy Carmichael

This classic piano duet is one of the most popular pieces of music ever written. It has been featured in numerous films and media, and it’s a great piece for beginners to learn how to play using just one hand. The melody is deceptively simple, but there are lots of opportunities for expression through subtle dynamic changes. Try playing with both hands together once you’re comfortable with the simplified version!

Heart And Soul - Hoagy Carmichael

Swan Lake Theme

The graceful melody of the Swan Lake ballet theme is a staple in classical music. While the piece is traditionally played with both hands, you can easily adapt it to be played using only one hand. The introductory phrases are much slower than the main body of the piece, so take your time and enjoy its haunting beauty. As you progress further into the song, don’t forget to add some crescendos and decrescendos for a more dramatic effect!

Let It Be – Beatles

This classic, timeless Beatles song is one of the best options for a beginner to learn on the piano. It features an easy-to-follow left hand accompaniment and simple yet moving right hand melodies that will bring out the emotion in any pianist. The melody is recognizable even with mistakes, making it perfect for those just starting out. With steady practice, you’ll soon master this iconic song!

Lean On Me – Bill Withers

This classic soul hit is a great song for learning the basics of the piano. Featuring an easy-to-learn and soothing left hand accompaniment, it’s perfect for beginners who want to pick up some simple chords and melodies. The right hand part can be simplified or made more complex depending on how quickly you are progressing. With some practice, you’ll soon have this feel-good tune down pat! [6]

Clocks – Coldplay

Clocks by Coldplay is a great song to learn on the piano. It’s an easy one-hand piano song that is relatively quick to learn and fun to play. The melody of Clocks follows two lines that alternate between both hands and it also includes a few simple chords, making it a great choice for beginners. You can find free sheet music online and practice at your own pace. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you learn – it’s all part of the process! Once you have mastered the basics, try playing along with a recording of the original song or create your own arrangement.

Clocks - Coldplay

All My Life – KC & Jojo

All My Life by KC & Jojo is a great one-hand piano song for beginners. It’s relatively simple to learn and has a catchy melody that you’ll find yourself humming along to. To play this song, start by learning the basic chords for each section. Once you have those down, practice playing them in both hands simultaneously until they become second nature. From there, add the two alternating lines of melody as you feel comfortable. If you need help with any of these steps, there are numerous resources online that can provide guidance and sheet music.

Let It Go – Frozen

If you’re looking for an easy one hand piano song, let it go from the famous Disney movie Frozen is a great choice. Not only are the notes easy to learn but the melody and lyrics can help keep you motivated. The main part of the song consists of just a few chords that can be easily memorized with practice. With some basic knowledge of musical theory, this song can become an easy piece that you master in no time! You can also add embellishments to make it your own and create a memorable arrangement.

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

Another great one hand piano song is What a Wonderful World, originally by Louis Armstrong. This classic melody has been covered and reinterpreted countless times which makes it an ideal choice for learning how to play with just one hand. While the original version may be complex, the basic chords can be learned with some practice and you’ll have a beautiful song in no time. Furthermore, its uplifting message is sure to make it an enjoyable performance for both the player and the audience!

Prelude in E min, Opus 28, No 4 – Chopin

This classic composition is a great way to learn the basics of one-handed piano playing. It features a beautiful melody and flowing arpeggios, making it the perfect piece for beginners. The song’s structure also makes it easy to learn as all of the notes are laid out in simple patterns that can be repeated or extended at will. As you become more comfortable with this song, you can start to add complexity by incorporating more difficult rhythms and phrasing into your performance. [7]

To A Wild Rose – Edward MacDowell

This gorgeous melody can be found in the MacDowell woodwind and piano quintets, but it makes for a beautiful solo piano piece as well. It’s simple enough that beginners should be able to get a handle on it fairly quickly, especially if they’re used to playing with both hands. The left hand is mostly composed of broken chords while the right plays the melodic line. Despite its simplicity, this song evokes a strong sense of emotion and atmosphere.


Can you play the piano with one hand?

Yes, it is possible to play the piano with one hand. There are various easy one-hand piano songs that can be learned and played. While more complex pieces may require the use of both hands, simpler pieces designed for one-hand playing can create a beautiful melody with just the use of one hand.

What are some easy one-hand piano songs?

Easy one-hand piano songs range from simple traditional melodies like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” to popular pop tunes such as “Let It Be” by The Beatles. Other popular options include “Chopsticks,” Christmas carols like “Jingle Bells,” and classical pieces like Mozart’s Sonata in C Major K 545. Some other examples include “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Down by the Riverside,” and “Ode to Joy.”

Are there any techniques for playing one-hand piano songs?

Yes, there are certain techniques that can help in playing one-hand piano songs. Practicing with a metronome is an effective way to keep time and tempo steady while playing. Additionally, it is important to practice good hand posture and finger placement when playing one-handed pieces. Taking regular breaks can also help in building proper technique for one-hand piano songs. Finally, focusing on using the right hand or left hand depending on the song can make learning easier.

What are some benefits of learning one-hand piano songs?

Learning easy one-hand piano songs can bring numerous benefits. Not only can it improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination, but it can also help to develop an overall better understanding of music theory and technique. Additionally, mastering one-hand pieces can help to build confidence when tackling more complex pieces. Finally, playing one-handed piano songs is a great way to relax while still being productive.

Are there any resources available for learning one-hand piano songs?

Yes, there are many online resources available for learning one-hand piano songs. Tutorial videos on YouTube can be very helpful in getting started with easy pieces like “Chopsticks” or “Let It Be.” Additionally, some websites offer free sheet music for popular one-handed melodies that can serve as a great practice tool when learning. Finally, piano teachers can also be a great resource for guidance and support when learning one-handed pieces.

Are there any tips for playing one-hand piano songs?

Yes, some helpful tips include: breaking down the song into small sections to make it easier to memorize; focusing on keeping steady rhythm and tempo throughout the piece; practicing with a metronome to ensure accuracy; using proper hand posture and finger placement while playing; taking regular breaks to avoid fatigue; and focusing on either the right or left hand depending on the song. By following these simple tips, anyone can learn how to play easy one-hand piano songs.

Do pianists use pinky fingers?

Yes, pianists use their pinky fingers to play both one-hand and two-handed pieces on the piano. While some pieces may not require the use of the pinky finger, it can be very useful for playing certain chords or melodies that need an extra boost. Additionally, using the pinky finger helps to build strength and dexterity in both hands while playing the piano.

Do you need 10 fingers to play piano?

No, you do not need ten fingers to play the piano. While playing with both hands can be more complex and require greater skill, it is possible to play some simpler pieces using just one hand. Additionally, some special techniques like arpeggios or tremolo can be used to create a full sound without having to use both hands. Ultimately, even if someone has fewer than 10 digits, they can still learn how to play the piano.

Useful Video: A Thousand Years, Christina Perri, Very Easy Piano tutorial Beginner, One Hand, only White Keys


Overall, playing the piano is a great way to have fun and develop your musical skills. With some practice and dedication, you can learn to play complex pieces or even write your own music. Learning easy one-hand piano songs makes it easier to get into the swing of things while still being able to challenge yourself with more intricate pieces. There are plenty of existing songs available that range from popular hits to classical favorites, so you’ll never be short on material! Don’t forget to make sure you’re taking breaks when needed and keeping good posture during your practice sessions so that you can keep up your newfound passion for the long run!

Good luck!


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